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Game Version: 10.0.5
Total Downloads: 315
Updated: Jan 23, 2023
Created: Jan 23, 2023
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PotBot makes a macro to help you manage all ranks of potions on a single keybind.  This supports all three ranks of these potions:

  • Fleeting Elemental Potion of Ultimate Power
  • Fleeting Elemental Potion of Power
  • Elemental Potion of Ultimate Power
  • Elemental Potion of Power


To Use This Addon

1.  Open the macro window (type “/macro” into the in-game chat box) and find the macro called PotBot.  

2.  Put that macro on your action bars.

3.  Win. 


Do you want to use this functionality with your cooldown macro?  Here’s how:


1. Put the PotBot macro on your bars somewhere

2. Hover over the macro with your mouse and use this paste this script into your chat box to find the name of button it’s on /script print(GetMouseFocus():GetName()) (be sure your mouse is still over the button when you hit enter)

3. Add this line to your CD macro:  /click ButtonNameFromStep2

4. Win


Note:  This script only gives you the right button name if you’re using stock hot bars, not ElvUI or Bartender.  However, you can disable your hot bar addon, do this process, and reenable the addon and it will continue to work fine.


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