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Game Version: 1.13.6
Total Downloads: 176
Updated: Mar 19, 2021
Created: Sep 14, 2020
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Better formatted readme/description on source page


A WoW Classic AddOn to assist with druids consuming quickly in forms, and shifting back in.

The problem

Powershifting consumables in classic is trivial, as we can make macros like so.

/use Major Healing Potion
/cast Dire Bear Form

However this is not nearly as flexible as you would like as you need to make a macro for each combination of consumable + form you might wanna shift into. And changing on the fly is a chore.

What I really wanted was to power charge some action buttons so that if it is pressed, we shift out, do whatever action is on that button and finally we shift back into whatever form we previously were in.

The solution

Say you have a Major Healing Potion on MultiBarBottomLeftButton1, which you have bound to SHIFT-1.
The AddOn makes an SecureActionButton which contains one of 4 macros depending on what form you are in.
This button is bound to SHIFT-1 overriding the set keybind.

  1. If in bear form
    /click MultiBarBottomLeftButton1
    /cast Dire Bear Form

  2. If in cat form
    /click MultiBarBottomLeftButton1
    /cast Cat Form

  3. If in travel/aquatic form
    /click MultiBarBottomLeftButton1
    /cast [noswimming] Travel Form; Aquatic Form;

  4. If in caster/moonkin form
    /click MultiBarBottomLeftButton1

So hitting SHIFT-1 will shift you out, pop the Major Healing Potion, and shift you back in if you have mana and are not affected by global cooldown.

Now you ran out of Major Healing Potions so you drag a Superior Healing Potion from your bags onto the button, and yes next time you hit SHIFT-1 you will pop the superior one. So now you don’t need to have dozens of macros anymore, you can just enable a few buttons and it just works.


The addon only works for keys bound under MultiActionBar in Key Bindings. So for example bartender4 users that use non-standard keybindings, will have to swap back to the standard bindings, but you can keep your bar replacements. This approach should be UI independent as long as the standard binds are used. I tested on Stock, ElvUI and Bartender4 and it works fine.

Clicking with the mouse on buttons does not call these macros, we only override the keybindings.


  • /pow status to list what keys of what bars are being overwritten.
  • /pow enable/disable barname to set/remove override bindings for all buttons of given bar.
  • /pow enable/disable barname N1 N2 … to set/remove override bindings for the N1 key, N2 key etc.
  • barname can be one of

    • MultiBarBottomLeft
    • MultiBarBottomRight
    • MultiBarRight
    • MultiBarLeft
  • N is a number from 1 to 12.


Say you wanted to modify the first 10 keys of the secondary right action bar. You could achieve this by doing:

/pow enable MultiBarLeft
/pow disable MultiBarLeft 11 12


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