WoW PQC-Profession Quests Complete addon Dragonflight/Wrath of the Lich King Classic 2024
wow addon PQC-Profession Quests Complete

PQC-Profession Quests Complete

Game Version: 7.2.0
Total Downloads: 1,939
Updated: Mar 28, 2017
Created: Mar 25, 2017
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
PQC 7.2 beta 13.87 KB Mar 28, 2017 7.2.0 1,818 download PQC-Profession Quests Complete PQC 7.2 betaDownload
PQC: Profession Quests Complete beta 13.87 KB Mar 25, 2017 7.1.5 121 download PQC-Profession Quests Complete PQC: Profession Quests Complete betaDownload



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Profession Quests Complete – or – "PQC" is intended to be an extremely light weight addon. at this time you simply type "pqc(preferred profession here) and it runs an extended /print of sorts of all legion quests in that particular profession. i will be improving it further to include small buttons that run the code instead of slash commands and eventually if this works properly to the point i am pleased with it as a final product i will be branching into class hall quests


*missing tailoring- sry had some issues with the code syncing up quite right but ill fix it asap*


*This is my first addon so i am sure it will have plenty of flaws, but i can not learn if you dont put an issue in so i can work on a fix*


*for any persons who would like to improve this firstly i am fine with you using the coding ect so long as i am a listed author (secondary of course) and as long as you let me know so i may check out yours*



as this is a slash command based addon, the commands are as follows:

Alch:                           /pqcalch

Blacksmith:                 /pqcbs

Enchanting:                 /pqcench

engineer:                     /pqceng

Herb:                           /pqcherb

inscription:                  /pqcinsc

jewelcrafting               /pqcjc

leatherworking:          /pqclw

mining:                        /pqcmine

Skinning:                     /pqcskin

Tailor(coming soon):/pqctailor


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