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Game Version: 1.13.2
Total Downloads: 180
Updated: Sep 9, 2019
Created: Sep 7, 2019
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Earlier Versions

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Prestigee v0.6.4b release 3.78 KB Sep 9, 2019 1.13.2 173 download Prestigee Prestigee v0.6.4b releaseDownload
Prestigee v0.6.4 release 3.76 KB Sep 9, 2019 1.13.2 5 download Prestigee Prestigee v0.6.4 releaseDownload



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Hello! This addon will allow you to +rep and -rep folks you run into out in the wild. (Also supports right clicking on names in chat.)


Have you ever been fighting mobs on top of that herb, ore, or chest? Trying to kill the mob as quick as you possibly can so that you can loot whatever it is you are waiting to grab. Then the unthinkable happens, someone runs up, steals it, and runs off just leaving you to die on your own! I'd like to think we've all been there. Now, you can keep track of the troublesome few by right clicking their portrait, and selecting "- Infamy". This will lower their prestige, and the opposite is true when selecting "+ Prestige" for the folks who are friendly and helpful! Now, it's easy to keep track of who is trouble and who is awesome!


Prestige data is synced to others who use the addon in hopes of spreading around who helps who, etc. It is my hope that this will help to make classic a better experience overall, so that players really need to watch their attitude toward others.



This is actually my first addon for WoW. It was initially made for my friends/guildies to use, but I was encouraged to release it to the public! I am not very familiar with best practices in general, so this could potentially taint UI frames. It works fine with all of the addons I use, but I am unsure about every addon out there. It could potentially conflict with addons that have their own tooltips such as TRP or MRP. But ElvUI tooltips seem to work fine with it. It uses tooltips to show prestige data, changes name color in the target frame, and adds right click menu options to players names in chat and on their portrait. If anything does not work well, please let me know, just keep in mind that this is my first addon!




– Adds right click menu options to give or take away prestige, depending on what is needed. Also works in chat, for those who are being general buttholes in trade chat.

– Prestige data is synced across other players using the addon.

– Seperate personal rep levels, for your own personal needs!


Possible planned features:

– Ability to add 'prestige notes' detailing why you gave them the prestige/rep/vote that you did. History window that can open up, viewing history of +prestige and -infamy rankings, along with notes left by others.

– Cooldown to prevent spamming rep values

– Make it not work when you give rep to someone who is on your friends list?

– Potentially improve the method in which data is sent and synced with other players.

– Make some options the player can use to adjust things, such as personal defined min/max levels for rep, toggle target frame name color functionality, chat output, etc.




Icon Art by Spottedphyre


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