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Game Version: 2.5.3
Total Downloads: 68
Updated: Jan 19, 2022
Created: Jan 11, 2022
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ProxyTalksie allows a player to mirror another player’s chat.


The addon works by linking players with the addon in Proxy<->Talksie pairs. A Proxy is a player who mirrors chat. A Talksie is a player whose chat is being mirrored. When the Talksie speaks, the Proxy says the same thing.


ProxyTalksie will mirror messages even when the Talksie does not have permission to communicate. This can happen when the Proxy’s guild rank is too low, or when their account has been silenced.


  • The Talksie can send a pair request to a prospective Proxy (named PlayerName) with /pt pair PlayerName
  • The Proxy player gets an alert that someone would like to send messages through them. They can choose to accept or decline the request.
  • If the request is accepted, both players are notified that a link has been established.
  • The player who sent the request (the Talksie) can chat as normal, and the Proxy will say the same messages in chat.
  • Either player can end the link with /pt unpair [PlayerName]. Reloading UI (/reload) or logging out will also remove the link.


Proxy configuration

There are a few options in configuration (/pt config) that the Proxy player can use to restrict their chat. There are toggles for each channel type (Say, Yell, Guild, etc.). Custom channels can additionally be filtered by name, and there is an option to turn off only Server channels (General, Trade, etc.). By default, mirrored messages will have a prefix (“Name: “). This can be customized or removed.


Further restrictions

  • Messages in custom channels are restricted by Blizzard to require a keypress to send. The Proxy will get a notification for these messages, and must click it to send on the channels.
    • The above restriction also applies to Say and Yell channels while not in an instance. Say and Yell may be used inside instances as normal. Again, this is a Blizzard restriction.
    • Messages in party/raid will only be mirrored if the players are in the same party/raid.
    • Messages in General chat will only be mirrored if the players are in the same General chat, which typically means they are in the same zone.
    • Messages in Guild chat will only be mirrored if the players are in the same Guild.


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