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Game Version: 1.13.3
Total Downloads: 823
Updated: Dec 17, 2019
Created: Oct 17, 2019
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PugLoot provides commands for assisting the master looter with distributing items in PUGs.

This addon does not automatically distribute loot to winners, but makes the process easier.


PugLoot adds 2 buttons to the master looter frame. When selecting an item to master loot, you will see a 'Random' and 'Start roll' button. These buttons map to the commands below.

While a roll is ongoing, the 'Random' button is disabled and the 'Start roll' button will become a 'Cancel' button displaying the time remaining for the roll period.


/pugloot random [Some Item]

Rolls between 1 and the number of raid members and informs the raid of which member was chosen.

The list of members is sorted alphabetically to produce consistent results across group rearrangements.

/pugloot start [Some Item]

Begins an open roll for an item that lasts 15 seconds. All valid rolls (1-100) are recorded until the roll period ends.

The member with the highest roll is announced along with a summary of all the rolls. In the event of a tie, all members who rolled the highest number are listed.

/pugloot cancel

Cancel an ongoing roll. All rolls from the session are discarded.

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