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Game Version: 6.2.0
Total Downloads: 636
Updated: Aug 29, 2015
Created: Aug 29, 2015
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v1.0 release 2.96 KB Aug 29, 2015 6.2.0 603 download Quietly v1.0 releaseDownload
r20150829035040 alpha 2.97 KB Aug 29, 2015 6.2.0 33 download Quietly r20150829035040 alphaDownload



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Quietly is a simple addon that defines the /q console command, intended to be used in macros to temporarily suppress error messages and "I can't cast that yet" error sounds.

Using the /q command instead of the longhand saves over 90 characters, giving you much more room to work within WoW's 255-character limit for macros.

As an example, this is the macro I use on my Troll Balance Druid to pop all available off-GCD cooldowns and apply Moonfire/Sunfire in a single keybind:

#showtooltip Celestial Alignment
/use 13
/use Berserking
/use Nature's Vigil
/use Celestial Alignment
/use [@mouseover,harm,nodead][]Moonfire

Even if one of the cooldowns isn't up, there won't be red error text or an "I can't cast that yet" voiceover. Hooray!

The first /q is equivalent to:

/console Sound_EnableErrorSpeech 0
/run UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

And the second is equivalent to:

/console Sound_EnableErrorSpeech 1
/run UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

Note that you don't actually have to include the second /q in your macro. It will happen automatically after your macro completes. You only need to explicitly include the second /q if you want errors enabled for the final part of your macro.


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