WoW Raid Sub Manager addon Dragonflight/Wrath of the Lich King Classic 2023
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Raid Sub Manager

Game Version: 1.13.3
Total Downloads: 737
Updated: Feb 23, 2020
Created: Jan 6, 2020
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Xck Raid Sub Manager


Easy way to Manage your Setup from Paste List of Players


Manage your raid setup ingame from player list easly and quickly as full automatic





Command in Game available:

  • /xraid

This will show you all command available

  • /xraid config

This will show you the panel like screen above

  • /xraid minimap

This will toggle minimap to Show<->Hide

  • /xraid clean

This will kick all players aren't in the Setup Config

  • /xraid export

This will export all current setup in the import area


Main Functionnality of this AddOns:


  • Import Player(s) list from gDoc, Txt, every raw of players, players must be separated by space and in order(Player 1 = 1st of G1, Player 40 = 40th in last pos of G8)
  • Invit Automatically player when he logon & he's in Setup
  • Invit Automatically player if he whisp you the keyword filled in the box and if he's in Setup
  • Invit All players missing in the Raid from your Setup
  • Move automatically player on the right Group
  • Kick Player if he's not in Setup
  • Give ML or schedule to give ML to an assigned player
  • Make profil of Setup so you can switch setup when you want



Import Button:

Be sure to paste your list of player's before on the picture area under button, separate each player's by pressing "Enter" or "Space"

 Well, in case if in you setup you have a free spot, dont let this spot empty in the import, put "Empty", eg for G1 with free player spot:






The "Empty" will be detected and put as free spot in the Setup on the right part of AddOns


Input Box on left of "Auto-Invit" Checkbox:

Fill a Keyword like "Raid", "+1"… if you receive a whisp containing this keyword, the AddOn will check if the player from are present in the Setup imported, if he is, then the AddOn will invit him instantly, if not, player will get an message saying he's not in the Setup.

Leave empty for disable


"Auto-Invit" Checkbox:

If you Enable this Option, be sure to enable Option in "Interface/Social/Alert guild member", if player logon, the will check if he's in Setup, if he is, then he will get an Invitation instantly 


"Auto-Organizer" Checkbox:

If you Enable this Option, every time someone will join the Raid, all players will be placed automatically on their corresponding group from Setup


"Enable" Checkbox:

Check if you want to Enable/Disable AddOns


Invitation Button:

If you click, all player aren't present in raid & is on Setup will receive an Invitation


Organizer Button:

Like Auto-Organizer Option but manually


CleanUp Button:

If you click, all player in raid but not in Setup will be kicked from the raid.


MainTank Button Icon:

If you click, the player wil get role MainTank


Player Option "…" Button:

Contain following options:

  • Give Assist to player if in raid or will be given on Joining
  • Give ML to player if in raid or will be given on Joining
  • Invite the player
  • Kick the player


Mouse hover "Player Missing : XX" for get more details of Missing players

You can update your Setup at any moment, its instantly

The Green light after players mean the player is in Raid, Grey mean he's not in raid yet


you must be in Raid to get the AddOns working correctly and Lead or Assistant!


Addon work with all clients language but he's translated in French & English for now, feel free to add you Language in Localization tab here or update text in addon "Locales/Locale-language.lua"  and translate right part, dont forgot to share it here, so i can update it.


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