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Game Version: 5.4.7
Total Downloads: 36,867
Updated: Apr 14, 2014
Created: Jul 21, 2013
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
Raidbot v1.11 release 57.49 KB Apr 14, 2014 5.4.7 34,498 download Raidbot Raidbot v1.11 releaseDownload
Raidbot v1.10 release 57.46 KB Jan 3, 2014 5.4.2 318 download Raidbot Raidbot v1.10 releaseDownload
Raidbot 1.09 release 57.44 KB Nov 27, 2013 5.4.1 78 download Raidbot Raidbot 1.09 releaseDownload
Raidbot 1.08 release 55.92 KB Oct 20, 2013 5.4.0 1,399 download Raidbot Raidbot 1.08 releaseDownload
Raidbot 1.05 release 54.46 KB Aug 31, 2013 5.4.0 256 download Raidbot Raidbot 1.05 releaseDownload
Raidbot 1.02 release 54.14 KB Aug 7, 2013 5.3.0 202 download Raidbot Raidbot 1.02 releaseDownload
Raidbot 1.00 release 53.47 KB Jul 21, 2013 5.3.0 116 download Raidbot Raidbot 1.00 releaseDownload


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This add-on allows you to set automatic messages to be sent to anyone in your raid group on specific boss events. For example, remind people where to go on Lei Shen's transitions or Elegon's add phase, or remind people which raid cooldowns to use on Megaera's rampages or Jin'rokh's lightning storms. In addition it can be used to make buttons for custom messages, such as "dispel me!" to healers on Jin'rokh HC.
You can use the Preview feature to send all raiders their messages in advance so everybody knows the plan.

If you have the add-on installed, any messages you get from the add-on will appear on your screen on a movable frame and also make a sound, instead of a standard whisper, and the Preview messages will be listed under a separate movable frame.

Usage: Simply type "/raidbot" to open the main console, or "/raidbot move" to move the frame that displays incoming messages.

As of v1.05, this add-on works in harmonious synergy with Crabby, the Dungeon Helper, and incoming Raidbot messages will be conveyed to you by Crabby himself. Activate/ deactivate this feature with "/raidbot crabby on" or "/raidbot crabby off".


  • Pick a raid, pick a boss, pick an event, and write a short message to be whispered to each raider on that event (plus a raid warning, if you want).
  • Each raider, in their class-colored frame with a role icon and raid mark, can be moved anywhere on the screen so you can visually plan everyone's positions.
  • Yes, I know you hate typing, that's why you can easily drag & drop messages to copy them.
  • All messages are saved automatically, allowing you to load them all on the next reset. You can either press Load All if the raid composition has remained exactly the same, or otherwise manually drag each message from the Load frame to any raider in the current raid.
  • Except for the programmed events, you can have several custom messages for each boss that you can send by pressing a button (you'll see it). This can be useful for, say, a rotation of major healing cooldowns for frequent high damage boss abilities (HoF Windlord comes to mind).
  • Preview button that sends all the messages associated with the currently selected boss to the intended recipients so everybody knows the plan in advance.
  • Copy/ Paste all the messages from one event to another with the click of two buttons.
  • A little "notepad" where you can write notes for yourself per boss, mostly so you remember all the things you need to assign before pulling.
  • When you open the Raidbot frame, it will automatically select the boss you're targeting.
  • AutoAssist: you can have people promoted to raid assistants automatically according to their guild ranks. You can control this via the options menu at Interface/ Addons/ Raidbot.
  • Isolate: need to arrange groups for some boss encounter and you need to find all the healers so you can make sure each group has one? Simply type "/isolate X" (X being a group number) and all the healers and tanks will be put into that groups (and the ones after it) so you can distribute them easily.

Reasons to install this add-on even if you aren't the raid leader:

  • Incoming Raidbot messages will be displayed in big yellow letters and make a sound. You can move the frame that shows these messages with "/raidbot move". And if you hate the sound just delete the mp3 file.
  • Incoming preview messages will be listed in a small movable frame.
  • Incoming messages will, I think, always arrive on time, because the server doesn't throttle add-on messages like it does chat messages.
  • Even if your raid leader doesn't use Raidbot, you can still set up reminders for yourself.

Known problems:

  • Apparently the server won't let me send 25 whispers at the same time, so half the whispers get delayed by, I think, 2 seconds. Works fine on 10-man though.
  • There are probably more boss events people want me to add. Just waiting for you to tell me about it.


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