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Raven Loot

Game Version: 7.2.0
Total Downloads: 6,468
Updated: Apr 25, 2017
Created: Aug 25, 2016
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
v1.4 release 56.09 KB Apr 25, 2017 7.2.0 1,373 download Raven Loot v1.4 releaseDownload
v1.3 release 56.10 KB Mar 29, 2017 7.2.0 455 download Raven Loot v1.3 releaseDownload
v1.2 release 55.69 KB Feb 14, 2017 7.1.5 561 download Raven Loot v1.2 releaseDownload
v1.1 release 56.19 KB Feb 11, 2017 7.1.5 275 download Raven Loot v1.1 releaseDownload
v1.0 release 52.93 KB Jan 18, 2017 7.1.5 511 download Raven Loot v1.0 releaseDownload
v0.6 release 49.10 KB Jan 12, 2017 7.1.5 355 download Raven Loot v0.6 releaseDownload
v0.5 release 49.46 KB Sep 22, 2016 7.0.3 1,212 download Raven Loot v0.5 releaseDownload
v0.41 release 49.38 KB Sep 21, 2016 7.0.3 246 download Raven Loot v0.41 releaseDownload
v0.4 release 49.56 KB Sep 20, 2016 7.0.3 201 download Raven Loot v0.4 releaseDownload
v0.3 release 48.88 KB Sep 13, 2016 7.0.3 443 download Raven Loot v0.3 releaseDownload
v0.2 release 47.20 KB Aug 29, 2016 7.0.3 426 download Raven Loot v0.2 releaseDownload
v0.1 release 47.29 KB Aug 29, 2016 7.0.3 123 download Raven Loot v0.1 releaseDownload
559369c-alpha alpha 56.04 KB Mar 29, 2017 7.2.0 14 download Raven Loot 559369c-alpha alphaDownload
976baaf-alpha alpha 55.59 KB Feb 14, 2017 7.1.5 12 download Raven Loot 976baaf-alpha alphaDownload
1cedb5f-alpha alpha 56.04 KB Feb 11, 2017 7.1.5 11 download Raven Loot 1cedb5f-alpha alphaDownload
fd2dac7-alpha alpha 52.84 KB Jan 18, 2017 7.1.5 10 download Raven Loot fd2dac7-alpha alphaDownload
v0.2-11-g0e8be9a alpha 48.51 KB Sep 13, 2016 7.0.3 24 download Raven Loot v0.2-11-g0e8be9a alphaDownload
v0.1-1-gd1d3c3a alpha 47.14 KB Aug 29, 2016 7.0.3 34 download Raven Loot v0.1-1-gd1d3c3a alphaDownload
r20160829151528 alpha 47.23 KB Aug 29, 2016 7.0.3 25 download Raven Loot r20160829151528 alphaDownload
r20160827211741 alpha 47.12 KB Aug 27, 2016 7.0.3 77 download Raven Loot r20160827211741 alphaDownload
r20160827204420 alpha 47.04 KB Aug 27, 2016 7.0.3 24 download Raven Loot r20160827204420 alphaDownload
r20160827202927 alpha 46.99 KB Aug 27, 2016 7.0.3 18 download Raven Loot r20160827202927 alphaDownload
r20160827194436 alpha 46.85 KB Aug 27, 2016 7.0.3 20 download Raven Loot r20160827194436 alphaDownload
r20160827192554 alpha 46.87 KB Aug 27, 2016 7.0.3 18 download Raven Loot r20160827192554 alphaDownload



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This addon currently only works correctly with the English client. The aim is to support more localizations later.

Raven Loot shows for every piece of loot for who it is the biggest upgrade in terms of stat-weights.

Only players with the addon installed will show up in the loot list. Each player can configure custom stat-weights for each of their specs. These stat-weights will then be used to calculate how much of an upgrade each item is.

Whenever a player receives loot that is tradable, it will automatically be listed for the entire group, so that everyone can see how much of an upgrade it is for everyone. Additionally, you can manually offer loot by typing "/rloot offer <itemlink>".

How to use

After installing, a little bit of configuration is required. For each spec that you want to be considered for in loot, you must configure a couple things. Go to 'Specializations' tab in the options panel ( '/rloot config' or Esc > Interface > AddOns) and select the spec you want to configure.

  • Enable spec: If enabled, this spec will be considered for loot, if disabled, it won't.
  • Report as mainspec: If enabled, report this spec as mainspec, else offspec.
  • Equipment Set: If not currently in this spec, gear from this equipment set will be used to compare with loot that dropped instead. The items MUST be in your inventory!
  • Gem stats: The stat and amount of stat that will be used to fill sockets incase present on gear.
  • Stat-weights: These weights will be used to calculate the score for items for this spec. Only the ratio between stats matters, not their absolute values.


The addon is currently in development, so it's possible that you experience some errors or bugs. If this does happen, please report them to me here, ideally with a way to reproduce the issue.

Known issues

  • Font selection is a little bugged. Selecting a font and /reload-ing usually works.

Planned Features

  • Add more localizations. Currently only the English client is supported.
  • Add support for relics for offspecs.
  • Add a way to show how much of an upgrade any item is, not just items that dropped.
  • More customization for appearence.


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