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Game Version: 8.0.1
Total Downloads: 541
Updated: Jul 19, 2018
Created: Jun 1, 2017
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The simple way to keep your group together when all the World Quests are trying to rip you apart.

ReGroup is designed to fill a niche created primarily by World Quests and automated Group Finder tools such as the very marvelous World Quest Group Finder and its kin. If you're running WQs solo, they improve life immensely by automating a tedious and repetitive task. If you're in a group with a friend or two, each time you exit a WQ group, you have to reform, which is itself a tedious and repetitive task.

There are several 'invite people' and 'auto accept invites from people' addons around but they are designed for a different scope. They work great for what they do but it takes two tools to do the one job needed and often both addons are larger than needed for the small task. Or require everyone in the group to run them.

ReGroup addresses these issues by constraining its focus to the individual player running ReGroup and simplifying or automating those tedious and repetitive they have to perform, be they Group Leader or Group Member. There is an advantage to both Leaders and Members running ReGroup but it's a small one.

Who in the Group must Run?

You. The purpose of ReGroup is to make YOUR life easier, whether you're a Group Member or a Group Leader.


  • If you are a Group Member, it can automatically accept group invitations from your Group Leader.
  • If you are a Group Leader, it can reassemble your Group.
  • Be Both Member and Backup Leader. While a Member, you can log your other Members to ease reassembly if your Leader isn't available to reform the group.
  • Automatic or Manually Triggered Regrouping
  • User-configurable number of retries and delay between


LEFT-MOUSE: Invite Missing Group Members
SHIFT-LEFT-MOUSE: (Group Leader) Log Group Members / (Group Member) Log Group Leader

RIGHT-MOUSE: Quick Options
SHIFT-RIGHT-MOUSE: Clear Info and Leave Group


To help suit different interfaces, both Black and White versions of the ReGroup icon are provided. Files are located in the 'icons' directory where you may copy the version you prefer to the default icon name name.


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