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Renewing Mist Tracker

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Total Downloads: 96,013
Updated: Jan 1, 1970
Created: Jan 10, 2013
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Renewing Mist Tracker provides a small frame that will show what members currently have your renewing mist buff, their current health percent, and the time remaining on the spell. I designed this mod to increase the visibility of my Mistweaver Monk's Renewing Mist buffs so that I could judge when to uplift and thunder focus tea.

The mod also has an indicator that shows the current status of Renewing Mist, Thunder Focus Tea, and uplift.

The Thunder Focus Tea status will flash if there are more than 5 targets who have Renewing Mist.
The Uplift status will flash if 3 or more of your Renewing Mist targets are below 80% health.

Slash Commands

  • /rem scale – Sets the scale of the frame. Example: /rem scale 0.5 will half the size of the frame
  • /rem compact or /rem c – Toggles between standard mode and compact mode.
  • /rem order (asc or desc) – Sets the sort order on the full frame
  • /rem health (off or on) – Sets the display of the health percentage on the full frame


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