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Game Version: 8.3.0
Total Downloads: 168
Updated: Apr 25, 2020
Created: Apr 19, 2020
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Are you confused by too many honks and beeps of addons during a busy raid encounter?

Do you respond easier to spoken commands? 


This is a folder of 200+ custom Text to Speech sounds that can be used in other addons to give

a wider range of choice in spoken word instead of using basic sounds and beeps.

The entire list has been re-recorded so that the voice used and levels are consistant.

 Once downloaded these files will show as Blue Words in the "Weak Aura Sound List".


This addon is inspired by and

adds additional words however it is NOT A REPLACEMENT for his original file to work with his 

custom Weak Aura Packages. Using this will required editing your current Weak Auras to ensure 

correct naming conventions are used throughout.


To ensure this folder loads correctly you will also need to install by Elkano


Proudly supplied by Healtrees

from Hey Mate Gaming


Disclaimer: This is the first time I have created something to share so please be patient if there are issues.




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