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Shortcut helper

Game Version: 8.0.1
Total Downloads: 108
Updated: Jul 24, 2018
Created: Jul 24, 2018
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Small addon that allows you to open tabs and panels in game like Chat Channel, Achievements, Bags etc using the /opn command followed by the usual key binding for that tab/panel. So for Group Finder where you would normally use 'i' to open it now you can type 'opn i' and assign 'i' shortcut to something else. 
I've made it because I have noticed a lot of people had problems accessing new Chat Channel tab since they had the 'T' key bound to something else in game. Now they can just type '/opn t' and it will pop up for them while letter T can stay assigned to their fav skills.

Additionally it lets you display frame rate and make screenshots 😉


Shortcut Helper – Available commands:
/opn – get list of commands
/opn esc – Game menu
/opn b – Open all bag
/opn b1 – 1st bag
/opn b2 – 2nd bag
/opn b3 – 3rd bag
/opn b4 – 4th bag
/opn b5 – 5th bag
/opn shiftb – 1st bag
/opn c – Character panel
/opn u – Reputation panel
/opn n – Specialization panel
/opn y – Achievements
/opn i – Group Finder
/opn k – Professions
/opn p – Spellbook
/opn l – Quest Log
/opn m – Map
/opn shiftm – Minimap in the corner
/opn j – Guild and Communities
/opn o – Friends panel
/opn shiftj – Adventure Guide
/opn shiftp – Collections
/opn t – Chat Channels
/opn fr – Show Framerate
/opn sc – Take screenshot


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