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Simple Pally

Game Version: 8.1.0
Total Downloads: 572
Updated: Jan 14, 2019
Created: Jan 3, 2019
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
SimplePally v3.1 release 7.78 KB Jan 14, 2019 8.1.0 491 download Simple Pally SimplePally v3.1 releaseDownload
SimplePally v3 release 7.66 KB Jan 14, 2019 8.1.0 16 download Simple Pally SimplePally v3 releaseDownload
Simple Pally v2 release 3.76 KB Jan 4, 2019 8.1.0 33 download Simple Pally Simple Pally v2 releaseDownload
Simple Pally v1 release 3.76 KB Jan 4, 2019 8.1.0 32 download Simple Pally Simple Pally v1 releaseDownload



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Fairly simple visual aid.

Updated Features

-BINDABLE KEYS TO EACH SPELL BUTTON (these can override standard key bindings)

-Divine Storm Tracks Nearby Targets.  This is based on only enemies having NamePlates turned on and must be turned on to work.

-Rebuke Tracks target casting

-Addon nolonger runs on non-paladins (this causes bad errors)

I basically use this addon to remove my "Action Bar 1"  and remap the 1-6 hot keys to the buttons on here.  But you can use it as you please.   I use "Bartender" and hide action bar one.





This add-on as it stand adds a semi-transparent bar that is 620 by 50 pixels .   It has 8 buttons on the bar for the standard Ret Pally dps spells.  It also displays in big yellow text your current Holy Power.  

The buttons on the bar change color depending on if they need to be casted and if you meet the requirements to cast the spell.  It also tracks to see if dps buffs are active and colors the button to indicate the spell needs to be casted such as Inquisition or Avenging Wrath.


The intent is to help the user learn how to better prioritize the right spells to maximize dps efficiency.  It may not be quite there, but any input is welcome.


It is moveable/scalable and it fades when out of combat.

I plan to provide more options in the future if people request them.




Could be used as a learning template for other add-ons.

If anybody has any interest in improvements let me know what you would like to see.


I wouldn't be surprised if there are already similar add-ons I did this primarily for my own learning.



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