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Game Version: 1.13.4
Total Downloads: 0
Updated: Jul 26, 2020
Created: Jul 25, 2020
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A very simple addon that shows a moveable/draggable green text which will display how much you healed your target for.


You can change settings in game with the slash command "/sht" or "/simplehealingtext" along
with the following arguements:

"/sht enable" – Enables the addon if disabled.
"/sht disable" – Disables the addon and hides the text.
"/sht move" – Toggles the ability to drag/move the addon text.
"/sht hots" – Toggles whether the addon will show the Heal Over Time Spells: Renew, Rejuvinate, Regrowth or Vampiric Embrace.
"/sht autohide" – Toggles whether there is a 5 second auto hide when no heal is detected.
"/sht help" – Displays a message describing each slash command in game.


You can message me on discord to report any bugs or change ideas Gonzo#8800


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