WoW Skada Revisited – WotLK addon Dragonflight/Wrath of the Lich King Classic 2024
wow addon Skada Revisited – WotLK

Skada Revisited – WotLK

Game Version: 3.3.5
Total Downloads: 235
Updated: Jun 18, 2022
Created: May 15, 2022
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
1.8.78-2 release 1.02 MB Jun 18, 2022 3.3.5 29 download Skada Revisited – WotLK 1.8.78-2 releaseDownload
1.8.78 release 1.02 MB Jun 12, 2022 3.3.5 37 download Skada Revisited – WotLK 1.8.78 releaseDownload
1.8.77 release 1.01 MB May 15, 2022 3.3.5 157 download Skada Revisited – WotLK 1.8.77 releaseDownload
1.8.76 release 1,023.25 KB May 15, 2022 3.3.5 4 download Skada Revisited – WotLK 1.8.76 releaseDownload
1.8.75 release 1.00 MB May 15, 2022 3.3.5 4 download Skada Revisited – WotLK 1.8.75 releaseDownload
1.8.74 release 1,023.52 KB May 15, 2022 3.3.5 4 download Skada Revisited – WotLK 1.8.74 releaseDownload



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Skada for WoTLK

Skada is a modular damage meter with various viewing modes, segmented fights and customizable windows. It aims to be highly efficient with memory and CPU.

IMPORTANT: How to install

  1. If you used the default on Skada before, please make sure to delete all its files from Interface\AddOns folder as well as all its SavedVariables from WTF folder (just delete all Skada.lua and Skada.lua.bak for this folder. Use the search box for quick delete). If you are new, skip this step.
  2. Download the package.
  3. Extract or drag and drop the unique folder Skada into your Interface\AddOns folder.

What’s the difference?

This version of Skada is a mix between the old default version available for WotLK and the latest retail version. Everything was fully rewritten to provide more detailed spell breakdowns and more. Here is why it is better than the old default version:

  • An All-In-One addon instead of having modules seperated into addons. Most of the modules can be enable or disabled on the options panel.
  • Lots of new modules were added, some found on the internet and others were requested by the community.
  • Windows are resizable using the resize grips/handles found at both bottom corners. Holding SHIFT when resizing changes widths while holding ALT changes heights.
  • Bars are more fancy, colored by not only class but also spell school colors.
  • Bars can display players/enemies classes, roles or specializations unlike the default old version. Spells also had their icons changed to display info tooltips (spells tooltips).
  • The most (if not the only) accurate** combat log parser for WotLK, whether it is for damage, healing or absorbs. Since absorbs aren’t really available in this expansion, this Skada is best at estimating amounts with lots of calculations and logics implemented after months and gigabytes of combat log parsing.
  • Profiles importation/exportation as well as dual-spec profiles.
  • Under consistent, free and solo development thanks to WotLK community and their feedbacks (helps and pull requests are most welcome).
  • An annoying number of options available for more advanced players.


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