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Skag’s Toolkit

Game Version: 9.2.0
Total Downloads: 147
Updated: Feb 22, 2022
Created: Jan 26, 2022
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This library is meant to be used as a dependency for my other addons, and as such it may or may not be directly useful to anyone else.


That said, I will document it anyway in case someone finds value in it for their own addons.

To import the library, make sure that it is set as a dependency in your addon’s .toc file

## Dependencies: stk


In your addon’s main LUA file you will import it via:


— Skag’s Toolkit import
local stk = _G[“STKLIB”] or error(“Cannot find an instance of STKLIB, please download from:”);
local reqSTKLIBmajor = 01;
local reqSTKLIBminor = 00;
if not stk:stkVersionCheck(reqSTKLIBmajor,reqSTKLIBminor) then
   error(“STKLIB is out of date, please download from:”);


Change the reqSTKLIB var values according to which major/minor version of the library you require at a minimum for your addon


In your addon’s primary lua file you can include any or all of these variables which you may have use of.


— Character Vars
local charClass = stk:charClass();
local charGUID = stk:charGUID();
local charLevel = stk:charLevel();
local charMaxLevel = stk:charMaxLevel();
local charName = stk:charName();
local charRace = stk:charRace();
— Region & Server Vars
local currentRegion = stk:currentRegion();
local currentServer = stk:currentServer();


It will be expected that you version your addon with the following variables


local majorVERSION = 02;
local minorVERSION = 00;
local patchVERSION = 00;
local releaseType = “r”; — a = Alpha, b = Beta, = r = Release


In your addon’s primary lua file during the PLAYER_LOGIN or PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD event you should version check addon against what version (if anything) the user has saved settings from.


if (not SavedVarDB) or
   (SavedVarDB.version == nil) or
   (SavedVarDB.version.major == nil) or
   (SavedVarDB.version.major ~= majorVERSION) then
   SavedVarDB = stk:dbInit(majorVERSION,minorVERSION,patchVERSION,releaseType);


If this version check fails then stk:dbInit(majorVERSION,minorVERSION,patchVERSION,releaseType) will wipe the Saved Variables and provide you with this basic structure:


SavedVarDB = {

   [“options”] = {},
   [“version”] = {
      [“major”] = ma,
      [“minor”] = mi,
      [“patch”] = pa,
      [“release”] = rel,
   [“characterData”] = {}


You can call stk:firstUpper(“string of text”); to capitalize the first letter of a string, and force all other letters to lowercase. Particularly useful for some instances where Blizzard puts class names or character names in all caps.


local foo = stk:firstUpper(bar);

local foo = stk:firstUpper(“HEY GUYS!”);
results in: Hey guys!


If your addon has a UI then you can call stk:savePosition(SavedVarDB,frame); to save the position the user dragged your window to, and you can restore the position of the frame when showing it with stk:setPosition(SavedVarDB,frame);

Addons which use this library include:


Alt Tracker

Shut Yo Chat

Zandalari Money Pieces


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