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Game Version: 2.5.1
Total Downloads: 1,376
Updated: May 29, 2021
Created: Jan 16, 2018
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads release 142.04 KB May 29, 2021 2.5.1 0 download SmackTalk3 releaseDownload release 141.10 KB May 20, 2021 2.5.1 88 download SmackTalk3 releaseDownload release 136.30 KB Feb 18, 2021 1.13.6 +1 49 download SmackTalk3 releaseDownload release 135.53 KB Oct 29, 2019 8.2.5 +1 448 download SmackTalk3 releaseDownload release 133.38 KB Oct 3, 2019 8.2.5 +1 177 download SmackTalk3 releaseDownload release 133.37 KB Sep 16, 2019 8.2.0 +1 168 download SmackTalk3 releaseDownload



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V1.9 – Added druid specific lists for shapeshifted forms (bear/cat)

SmackTalk3 provides the ability to automatically role-play or trash talk your targets while you melt face. When you attack with melee damage or a spell (damage or heals) a random quote is selected from the list and sent to your preferred output channel.

For example:

Melee Crit: “Bringing you the spank in tank-n-spank!”

Fire Crit: “BBQ’s hot – you want light meat or dark?”

Heal Crit: “You ain’t got time to bleed”

Death: “I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next”

AFK Response: “AFK, meeting a GM for drinks.”


In game addition/modification/deletion of quotes

Output throttling to prevent too frequent output

Multiple quote lists – each of the following has it’s own quote list: Damage: Melee, Melee Bear/Cat, Holy, Fire, Nature, Frost, Shadow, Arcane. Heals, AFK, Deaths, Excuses, Mob Yells, Pet Crit, Pet Summon

Prioritized output channel list, defaulting to: Raid, Party, Guild, Say, Print

Responds to mob yells with emotes – eg “/me tells <sender> to stop yelling already.”

Each of the following have a configurable occurrence rate: Crits, AFK, Death, Mob Yell, Pet Crit, Pet Summon

Handles substitution of the following variables in quotes:

  • %me – character name,
  • %dst – name of the unit the spell effects (does not require targeting),
  • %pet – name of current pet (note, for warlocks this will say Unknown the first time you summon a pet after learning it but after that point it will keep track of your pet names)
  • %t – currently selected target
  • %d – damage amount,
  • %s – spell name (defaults to “melee” for melee quotes)

Slash Commands

/smacktalk3 or /st3 – Addon configuration menu

/st3 (version|ver|v) – display version

/st3 (quotes|quo|q) – open quotes update window

/st3 (excuse|exc|e) (guild|officer|raid|party|say|yell|ui) – make an excuse to the given channel eg /st3 excuse party or /st3 e p


Install and you’re ready to go. Configure the rates by typing /smacktalk3 or /st3 or by navigating to Options->Interface->AddOns->SmackTalk3. Update to your quotes of choice with /st3 quotes or by clicking on “Edit Quotes” in the addon config menu.

Found a bug?

If you think you might have found a bug, just leave a comment here. If possible, list the steps to reproduce the bug or the circumstances when it occurred.

Feature Requests

If there are any features you would like to see added please mention them in the comments. Spalmer uses this mod for Role Playing an obnoxious dwarf pirate hunter named ScurvyPete in classic. Coder_Qwade has a fire mage that loves to pun.


SmackTalk3 builds on SmackTalk2, updating it to work for the current Wow API. SmackTalk2 kept me company while grinding and farming and I hope you get the same from SmackTalk3.


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