WoW Smexy\’s Custom WeakAura Imports addon Dragonflight/Wrath of the Lich King Classic 2024
wow addon Smexy\’s Custom WeakAura Imports

Smexy\’s Custom WeakAura Imports

Game Version: 7.2.0
Total Downloads: 6,729
Updated: May 24, 2017
Created: May 24, 2017
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Earlier Versions

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Version 7.2a - Initial Addon Release release 274.96 KB May 24, 2017 7.2.0 6,729 download Smexy\’s Custom WeakAura Imports Version 7.2a - Initial Addon Release releaseDownload



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**Currently In Test/Experimental Mode**


Smexy's Custom WeakAura Imports:

Designed to allow EASY  and FAST importing and/or updating of Smexy's Custom WeakAura sets.


Slash Commands:

  • Smexy's Custom WeakAura Imports:
    • "/Smexy" – Displays import commands for the main GROUPS of WeakAura imports:
      • Smexy's Classes
      • Smexy's Dungeons
      • Smexy's Utilities
  • Smexy's Classes:
    • "/Smexy Classes" – Displays import commands for CLASS specific WeakAura Imports:
      • Paladin:
        • "/Smexy Ret" - Displays the import window for Smexy's Retribution Paladin auras.
        • "/Smexy Prot" - Displays the import window for Smexy's Protection Paladin auras.
        • "/Smexy Holy" - Displays the import window for Smexy's Holy Paladin auras.
      • Monk:
        • "/Smexy Brew" - Displays the import window for Smexy's BrewMaster Monk auras.
        • "/Smexy Wind" - Displays the import window for Smexy's WindWalker Monk auras.
      • Demon Hunter:
        • "/Smexy Havoc" - Displays the import window for Smexy's Havoc DemonHunter auras.
      •  Hunter:
        • `"/Smexy Beast" - Displays the import window for Smexy's BeastMasteryHunter auras.
  • Smexy's Dungeons:
    • "/Smexy Dungeons" – Displays import commands for DUNGEON specific WeakAura imports:
      • Assault On the Violet Hold
        • "/Smexy AVH" - Displays the import window for Assault On The Violet Hold auras.
      • Black Rook Hold
        • "/Smexy BRH" - Displays the import window for Black Rook Hold auras.
      • Cathedral of Eternal Night
        • "/Smexy CON" - Displays the import window for Cathedral Of Eternal Night auras.
      • Court of Stars
        • "/Smexy COS" - Displays the import window for Court of Stars auras.
      • Darkheart Thicket
        • "/Smexy DHT" - Displays the import window for Darkheart Thicket auras.
      • Eye of Azshara
        • "/Smexy EYE" - Displays the import window for Eye of Azshara auras.
      • Halls of Valor
        • "/Smexy HOV" - Displays the import window for Halls of Valor auras.
      • Maw of Souls
        • "/Smexy MOS" - Displays the import window for Maw of Souls auras.
      • Neltharion's Lair
        • "/Smexy NEL" - Displays the import window for Neltharion's Lair auras.
      • Return to Karahzhan
        • "/Smexy KAR" - Displays the import window for Return to Karahzhan auras.
      • The Arcway
        • "/Smexy ARC" - Displays the import window for The Arcway auras.
      • Vault of the Warden's
        • "/Smexy VOW" - Displays the import window for Vault of the Warden's auras.
  • Smexy's Utility:
    • "/Smexy Utility" – Displays import commands for UTILITY WeakAura Imports:
      • Player Buffs/Debuffs (Icons)
        • "/Smexy PlayerBuffs" - Displays the import window for Player (De)Buffs Icon auras.
      • Target Buffs/Debuffs (Icons)
        • "/Smexy TargetBuffs" - Displays the import window for Target (De)Buffs Icon auras.
      • Player Buffs/Debuffs (Text)
        • "/Smexy PlayerText" - Displays the import window for Player (De)Buffs Text auras.


Required Addons:

WeakAuras2 – Which can be downloaded from Curse HERE


Wago Links For Each Import String:

  • Classes:
    • Paladin:
      • Smexy's Retribution Paladin Complete HUD
      • Smexy's Protection Paladin Complete HUD
      • Smexy's Holy Paladin Complete HUD
    • Monk:
      • Smexy's Brewmaster Monk Complete HUD
      • Smexy's WindWalker Monk COmplete HUD
    • Demon Hunter:
      • Smexy's Havoc DemonHunter Complete HUD
    • Hunter:
      • Smexy's BrewMastery Hunter Complete HUD
  • Utility:
    • Player Buffs/Debuffs (Icons)
      • Smexy's Player Buffs/Debuffs Icons
    • Target Buffs/Debuffs (Icons)
      • Smexy's Target Buffs/Debuffs Icons


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