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Game Version: 2.5.1
Total Downloads: 8,129
Updated: May 21, 2021
Created: Jul 31, 2020
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
v0.0.8-beta-bcc beta 89.10 KB May 21, 2021 2.5.1 0 download SoftRes v0.0.8-beta-bcc betaDownload
v0.0.7-beta beta 89.13 KB Dec 8, 2020 1.13.6 4,487 download SoftRes v0.0.7-beta betaDownload
v0.0.6-beta beta 88.99 KB Nov 13, 2020 1.13.5 1,142 download SoftRes v0.0.6-beta betaDownload
v0.0.5-beta beta 91.17 KB Oct 7, 2020 1.13.5 1,079 download SoftRes v0.0.5-beta betaDownload
v0.0.4-beta beta 74.40 KB Sep 2, 2020 1.13.5 848 download SoftRes v0.0.4-beta betaDownload
v0.0.3-beta beta 72.04 KB Aug 28, 2020 1.13.5 214 download SoftRes v0.0.3-beta betaDownload
v0.0.2-beta beta 70.63 KB Aug 12, 2020 1.13.5 280 download SoftRes v0.0.2-beta betaDownload
v0.0.1-beta beta 69.05 KB Jul 31, 2020 1.13.5 79 download SoftRes v0.0.1-beta betaDownload



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SoftRes Info

For full help/readme, go to the GitHub page.  

  • SoftRes is in beta but many players has asked for it to go public so they can start using it.
  • If you find any bug, please let me know about it so I can fix that. 
  • Scroll down to see how to use the addon
  • NOTE!!!! When manually adding names, it’s Case Sensitive and “character” sensitive. You must enter it correctly.
  • You as the ML is responsible for making the right decisions, this addon is “only” a helping hand.

Best settings for chat is to have Raid, Raid Leader, Raid Warning and System Messages on the same window so you can see all the rolls and announcements in the same chat.


NEW RELEASE!! import link, fix.


Added a new feature, called Client Mode. 
Client mode, will listen to the broadcasts made by the ML and will update the list and show announced items.
For the “Server” press the “NET” button up to the right, to ready the broadcasts to the clients.
Write “/softres client” to start it in that mode OR if you start the addon with “/softres show” and in the “Config” tab.  
You have an option to press “Client mode”.  
In client mode, you can’t press any other buttons or change any values.  
Click the “SoftRes List” and press the “Request List” button, to get the current list and ruleset for the SoftRes run.  
Pressing the “Request List” button will request the list to ALL clients, not only the user who pressed it.
When an item is announced, you will see it in the item-box and can easily roll for it (Button next to the announcement window).
Whatever the ML does (adds user, deletes user, editing list.. whatever he does, Will be pushed to the clients).
Added a config mode called “Hidden Mode”.
The list can’t be announced to the raid.
The scanner is not scanning /raid either, it’s scanning /whispers instead.
Client mode will not show the list and will not be fully functional, while “hidden mode” is enabled.
This was requested. Some guilds run with these settings.


What is SoftRes?

SoftRes is an addon, that helps the ML (Only the ML needs the addon) keep track of what people have SoftReserved and will help with:

  • SoftReservations of items and announcing eligible “rollers” on item-drops.
  • Announcement of items and rolls.
  • Keeps track of who has the highest roll.
  • Will count roll-penalties (if configured)
  • SoftRes loot rules are the rules that we use in <Omega> when doing our PUGs and Guild runs, with SoftReservations.
  • Those are the most common rules used, afaik. Read below on those rules.
  • It “only” supports the reservation of ONE item per player.


What’s so good about SoftRes?

  • With SoftRes, only the Master Looter needs to have the addon.
  • Players who are NOT the ML, can also use the addon for listening to broadcasts, get the list, announced items.
  • Everything is done so that everyone can see. (Transparency)
  • It announces winners and who has SoftReserved what item when it drops.


No more Google sheets.

  • SoftRes takes away the need of having sheets with reservations.
  • No more checking who reserved what.
  • No more “Speak up if your reserved item drops”.
  • The players can now focus on doing the killing and the ML can easily see who reserved what and won what.


Import support.

Supported lists to import are:


What is SoftRes, NOT?

SoftRes is a tool for HELPING the ML with keeping track of the SoftReserved items.

It will NOT automatically distribute items. It will only Announce Roll-winners and won items, roll-penalties and such.

The ML will still have to manually distribute items and can do whatever he wants, even if SoftRes shows one thing, the ML can do another.

SoftRes does not automatically switch between loot types. So if the ML wants the trash loot too be rolled for normally, that will have to be switched manually.

  • Don’t forget to put ML back again before bosses … *cough*
  • There is a “Check Box” up in the top-right corner which will show checked if ML is on, and unchecked if not.
  • If you are the Raid Leader, you can press that check-box to switch between “Master Loot” and “Group Loot”.
  • There is a 0.5 second delay on the update so it can seem a bit laggy, but that’s intentional.


How do you actually use SoftRes?

You are the Master Looter.  
1. You are given the role as Master Looter and Raid Assist (Very important to have Raid Assist for announcements.)  
2. Start the addon by typing: /softres show  
3. Go to the “Config” tab and set the rules.  
    3.a. “Enable SoftRes Addon” = Must be set for it to be enabled.
    3.b. “Auto show window on loot” = When you loot, the SoftRes Addon window will automatically pop up.
    3.c. “Auto-hide window when done looting” = When you close the loot window, the SoftRes window will close as well.
    3.d. “Min handled itemrarity” = If you loot and there are no items with the rarity in this box, the addon will not auto-show and it will not handle those items when preparing. (see below)
    3.e. Set the timers and penalties (if any).
    3.f. An extra row of info.. i.e. “FFA Roll on all greens and blues.”
4. You have set all the configs. The “Net” checkbox should be checked. Then you will broadcast to everyone who has the addon in client mode.
5. Go to the “SoftRes List” tab.
     5.a. Press the “New” button to create a new list. (Will create a new list and add all the members in your raid.)
          5.a.1. Instead of creating a new list, you can import one from (see separate instructions for that.)
     5.b. Press the “Rules” button to announce the rules to /raid. And start the scanner (if you choose).
          5.b.1. You get options here to 1. Announce the rules, 2. Announce the rules and start the scanner, 3. Cancel.
     5.c. If you didn’t start the scanner while announcing the rules, press the “Scan” button to start it.
     5.d. Everyone will now link an item they want to SoftReserve, in /raid. (Must be an item-link).
          5.d.1. Press the “Missing SoftRes” button to announce who hasn’t reserved any item.
     5.e. When everyone is happy with their reservations, press the “Stop” button to stop the scanner.
          5.e.1. When you press “Stop” you get an option to send a whisper to all players with their reservations.
     5.f. Press the “Announce” button to announce all the SoftReservations to the /raid.
          5.f.1. This will also push the settings, list and items to all clients.
6. When you are near a boss, don’t forget to set ML. (If you’re only assistant, you can’t do this yourself so have the leader do it or become the leader.)
7. Loot the boss and the addon will pop up (if you had that setting enabled).
     7.a. Press the “Prepare item” button to chose which item to prepare for announcement.
          7.a.1. You can press the “Next item” to cycle through the loot, if you want to start with a specific item.
     7.b. If the item is SoftReserved you can only press the “SoftRes” button.
          7.b.1. This will Announce to the raid who reserved the item and are elegible for rolls.
          7.b.2. If anyone else rolls on this item (who did not reserve it) the addon will not count that roll. It will announce to the raid that the user hasn’t reserved the item. (you will still see the roll).
     7.c. MS = MS roll for the item will be announced and a timer will start (you set the seconds).
          7.c.1. If no one rolls MS, it will automatically announce an OS roll after the timer has been reached.
     7.d. OS = OS Roll for the item will be announced and a timer will start (you set the seconds).
     7.e. FFA = FFA Roll for the item will be announced and a timer will start (same as OS timer).
     7.f. Raid = Raid roll will start. The addon will roll 1-(number of players in raid) and will announce who had that spot, as the winner.
8. When you are done with the roll, just hand the item to the winner.
9. Then just keep repeating step 7-8.
10. If you loot items that you want to roll out (forgot ML or you have in your bag for whatever reason) you can drag that item from your bag onto the addon window. Then follow steps 7-8.




You are not the Master Looter but would like to use the addon in client mode to see the SoftRes-list and client goodies.
1. Start the addon with /softres client
     1.a. Or start the addon with /softres show, then go to config and press the “Client Mode” check-box up to the right.
2. Configure the addon.
     2.a. “Enable SoftRes Addon” = Enable the addon, must be set.
     2.b. “Auto-Show window on loot” = When the Master Looter is announcing an item, the addon will pop up.
     2.c. “Auto-Hide when done looting” = When the announced item is handled, the window will close.
3. Go to the “SoftRes List” tab.
     3.a. Target the master looter and press the “Check” Button to set the Master Looter.
          3.a.1. You will now listen to broadcasts from that player.
     3.b. Press the “X” Button to clear the master looter and stop listening to broadcasts.
4. After setting the Master Looter.
     4.a. After the ML has announced the list, you will automatically get it and get all updates to the list. All loot and such.
     4.b. If you, for some reason, didn’t get the list or just want to make sure you have the correct one. You can press the “Request List” button.
          4.b.1. Pressing this button, will force the ML to share the current list.
          4.b.2. The ML will share it with the raid in the hidden Addon channel, and ALL CLIENTS will update. Not only your client.
               4.b.2.a. The reason for this is so that ALL CLIENTS always gets the exact same list at all times.
5. When an item is announced, it will show up in the text-box. You can mouse-over it to see the tooltip.
6. If you want the item, just press the roll button to do a /roll, or you manually type /roll in chat.
7. If the announced item is SoftReserved, you can’t press the roll button on the addon. You can still write /roll in chat. The addon will never prevent anyone from doing anything.




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