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Stackpack (Classic)

Game Version: 1.13.3
Total Downloads: 173
Updated: Dec 17, 2019
Created: Dec 17, 2019
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0.0.2 release 13.52 KB Dec 17, 2019 1.13.3 173 download Stackpack (Classic) 0.0.2 releaseDownload


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What is Stackpack?

Have you ever had to destroy an item just to free up space, only to find out that you could've combined 2 or more stacks of the same item? What about that tradeskill item you could've moved into your tradeskill bag to free up space? Stackpack searches each of your bags to stack items together and move tradeskill and specialty items where they belong.


What else can it do?

Ever looked through your bank for what seems like an eternity, repeatedly overlooking an item that you KNOW is there? Stackpack brings a powerful search to your inventory, personal bank and guild bank windows, allowing you to quickly find what you're looking for. It supports a number of filters that allow you to find items based on certain characteristics.. such as Soulbound, Bind on Equip, Weapons or even Junk items to vendor.


Can it sell junk items for me?

Yup! Turn on the auto-sell feature by typing /sp autosell and Stackpack will automatically sell your junk items when you interact with a vendor.

Anything else?

Stackpack also includes an optional feature that will display labels on each of your bags, indicating how much free space is left inside (or an x if there is none). You can turn it on or off by typing /sp bagspace


What about the bank?

Stackpack will stack your items in the bank as well, and ignores any changes to your normal bags so you can easily split and add partial stacks to your bank slots as you please. Additionally, Stackpack fully supports users of all inventory management addons.


What if I don't want to stack temporarily?

Stackpack will toggle itself off automatically when you split a stack of items. You can also bind a key to temporarily disable Stackpack (which will re-enable itself automatically after the next inventory change) or you can use the /sp toggle command. To turn Stackpack off permanently, you can use the /sp off command. Using /sp on will turn it back on.


Do I have to do that every time I trade?

Nope. Stackpack will not stack items while the trade window is open.


What about sending mail?

Stackpack will not stack items while the send mail window is open, making it easy to split and send partial stacks as you please. Stackpack will resume stacking when the read mail window is open, or when the mail frame is closed altogether.



Please post any problems/feature requests/comments you have here, and I will usually reply within a few days, and if necessary, a release will be posted in a similar time frame.



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