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Game Version: 8.1.0 +1
Total Downloads: 1,732
Updated: Jan 12, 2019
Created: Nov 11, 2017
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Minimalistic UI replacement for PvE and PvP.


UI modifications :

  • Move FPS frame on bottom left corner
  • Merge minimap's calendar button and minimap's tracking button
  • Adjust hall and garrison scales
  • Hide UIErrorFrame, unwanted bar elements and unwanted minimap elements
  • Move objective tracker on upper left corner
  • Set objective tracker max height at 75% screen
  • Clean chat frame and messages
  • Move chat frame to lower left corner
  • Move player, target and focus frames on right side closer to center
  • Move, adjust scales and clean cast bars (player, target and focus)
  • Replace portraits by class icons (player, target and focus)
  • Colorize unit frames background with class color (player, focus and target)
  • Colorize unit frames health bar with class color (player, target and focus)
  • Hide player and pet hit indicator
  • Hide target buff and debuff
  • Move boss frames on left side closer to center
  • Move arena enemies frames on left side closer to center
  • Hide boss banner
  • Hide talking head
  • Colorize action bar, units, minimap with faction color (horde, alliance and neutral)
  • Replace end caps with customized ones (horde, alliance and neutral)
  • Show paper doll item level
  • Show weapons and armors item level in bags
  • Colorize item level when greater than 90% of equipped item level
  • Collapse objectives in pvp
  • Colorize PvE nameplates by threat for all roles (green : threat status corresponding to your role, red not corresponding, orange for status warning, blue for offtank) and resize nameplates while tanking

Preferences :

  • Set game variables (raid frames, advanced combat logging, floating combat text, sound, camera, threat, screenshot …)

Functions : 

  • Enable mousewheel zoom on minimap
  • Auto quests module (accept, complet, skip details) when multiple quest available, stand by for player choice, stop automation when shift key pressed
  • Send chat messages in raid warning with specific sound (guild, guild officer, instance, instance leader, party, party leader, raid, raid leader, whisper and battle net and targeticons)
  • Confirm disenchant roll
  • Confirm loot roll
  • Confirm bind on pickup loot
  • Speed up looting
  • Open mails except GM's mails and ones with cash on delivery
  • Repair equipment and sell junk when visiting a merchant
  • Learn available recipes when visiting a trainer
  • Release corpse in pvp
  • Announce minimap : rares, treasures except garrison cache (raid waning and sound)
  • Confirm summon
  • Announce spell interruption when player in party or raid
  • Enable double click fishing with or without fishing pole equipped
  • Enable double click survey

Slash commands :

  • /sf rl to reload ui
  • /sf debugon to enable LUA warnings and LUA errors
  • /sf debugon to hide LUA warnings and LUA errors
  • /sf fps to enable and disable FPS frame
  • /sf gridoff to hide screen grid frame
  • /sf gridon to show screen grid frame
  • /sf rc to perform ready check
  • /sf pull to start boss pull countdown
  • /sf stop to stop boss pul countdown

First time install :

Download or install with the curse client, delete the file "layout-local.txt" in each WTF character folder (World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\AccountName\CharacterName\).


Update :

For people who had changed CVars in previous versions, remember to repeat your changes on new version.


Follow progress via github :

Contact via email :


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