WoW Steamwheedle Helper addon Dragonflight/Wrath of the Lich King Classic 2024
wow addon Steamwheedle Helper

Steamwheedle Helper

Game Version: 6.0.3
Total Downloads: 3,135
Updated: Jan 17, 2015
Created: Jan 16, 2015
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
1.0 release 46.16 KB Jan 17, 2015 6.0.3 2,905 download Steamwheedle Helper 1.0 releaseDownload
0.1alpha beta 39.25 KB Jan 16, 2015 6.0.3 78 download Steamwheedle Helper 0.1alpha betaDownload
r6 alpha 46.13 KB Jan 17, 2015 6.0.3 43 download Steamwheedle Helper r6 alphaDownload
r4 alpha 39.13 KB Jan 16, 2015 6.0.3 44 download Steamwheedle Helper r4 alphaDownload
r3 alpha 39.09 KB Jan 16, 2015 6.0.3 38 download Steamwheedle Helper r3 alphaDownload
r2 alpha 36.14 KB Jan 16, 2015 6.0.3 27 download Steamwheedle Helper r2 alphaDownload



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As always, if you have any issues with the addon or you have coordinates that aren't in the addon please open a ticket.

This addon requires TomTom to work.

This simple addon will add waypoints to TomTom, based on your current location, of known spawn points for Highmaul Reliquaries. It will also assist you with your Steamwheedle Preservation Society reputation.


This is designed so that the waypoints will only be displayed if you are located in Nagrand, which is the only locatoin where the Highmaul Reliquaries spawn. This is done intentionally, it is NOT a bug!


It takes quite a bit of time on my part to develop and maintain these addons, as well as provide support for them. Any help you can provide financially, to show your appreciation for my work is great appreciated by me.


This addon needs YOUR help to translate all the various phrases used throughout the addon to make sure it works the same on all of the localized WoW Clients. If you can help go here.

Chat Commands

  • /steam <argument> or /swh <argument>
    • toggle
      • Toggles the waypoints.
      • Also occurs when no argument is provided.
    • config
      • Opens the configuration frame.
    • reload or rl
      • Clears and reloads the waypoints.
    • rep or reputation
      • Prints your reputation status with the Steamwheedle Preservation Society.
    • help or ?
      • Prints a help message.


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