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SW CThun Planner

Game Version: 1.13.7
Total Downloads: 24,456
Updated: Apr 21, 2021
Created: Sep 1, 2020
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A planning tool for raids, to pre-plan positioning in C’Thuns chamber just before the pull


V3.0 will be the final version, barring any bugfixes. All intended features are implemented.

V3 is NOT fully backwards compatible. Having V3 while the raid leader has a V2 version will work, if the raid leader has V3 and a raider has V2 it does not.

This is because V3 fixes placement issues in V2 where melees were put at the back because of a wrong sorting order. V3 exposes the sorting ingame and makes it CONFIGURABLE! if you wish to do so. Fixed defaults are supplied as well.


Strongly modified to do the following:

– Handle classes independent of localization

– Override roles by name. Shamans, Druids & Paladins are assumed Healers by default. Edit overrides in /cthun options. This way a melee shaman can be placed upfront, an elemental at the back, cat at the front, owl at the back etc. all without taking up a healer spot in the middle

– Only the raid leader needs to set overrides, the names and sort order are synced when the plan is shared

– Upon entering AQ40 the addon of the Raidleader (and all assistants) checks if everyone has the addon installed

– versioning, also checked with manual or automatic raid checks

– optimized placement of dots, so they are more centered on their spots (helps when scaling the window)

– larger scaling range, to be able to make the window way smaller (to keep it on screen during the fight if necessary)



/cthun help -> shows all commands

/cthun -> reopens planner diagram, after a share from the raidleader is received, prints error message if no share has been received yet


for raidleaders (leader and marked assistants):

/cthun -> opens a preview of the diagram with local override list

/cthun fill -> opens a preview of the diagram with local override list

/cthun share -> shares local override list with the raid, and shows addon window to all raid members

/cthun mark -> Marks the frontmost melee in all groups with a raid target icon to make alignment by other group members easier

/cthun check -> polls every raid member, if they have the addon installed, and lists all that do not have it installed (or have an old version)

/cthun options -> shows the options screen


Every raid member is shown in their class color, except the player. The players own dot is shown in bright red.




Known issue:

– Maintank marks are only recognized in english and german clients. I do not know the localization names of those yet in other languages, and have not found a localization independent way of detecting those

– if a member RELOGS or a NEW MEMBER joins the raid group, they do not automagically get the override list from their raid leader, and have to wait until the raid leader “/cthun share”s again to get updated data!


Based on PHGP Cthun Planner by bulo_

which is based on Salad_Cthun goffauxs


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