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Sweet Whispers

Game Version: 7.3.5 +1
Total Downloads: 1,049
Updated: Jan 20, 2018
Created: Jan 20, 2018
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Tired of missing the whispers from your weapon?

When your Weapon whispers you, this plugin will show a dialog similar to the "floating head boxes" that you see when an NPC talks to you (Illidan etc.).



Whisper from Aluneth

Whisper from Skull of Man'ari

(Skull of Man'ari is floating around)


This plugin will show messages from:
Xal'Atath (Shadow Priest)
Aluneth (Arcane Mage)
Skull of Man'Ari (Demonology Warlock)


Please note that due to limitations in the scripting language, showing the different artifact variations are very difficult. So right now the main variation are always shown.


Slash commands:
/sw test – Show a test dialog
/sw move – Move the dialog box


Notes from the author:
From time to time, I like to play the game with the sound muted. When I grind stuff etc. I can watch something while doing this.
But when I started playing on my Shadow Priest I noticed that I missed the messages from my weapon.

I looked for a plugin that would show these whispers, but failed to find one – so I decited to make my own.

I hope you enjoy this plugin, and if there are any issues or suggestions – feel free to post them here.
But please note that I've made this plugin for fun – And I won't be sinking all my time into it.


Wishlist / TODO list:

  1. Show different color variations depending on the choice of the user.
  2. Add more settings to the options panel
  3. Add a /sw reset function


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