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Taku Guild Sync

Game Version: 1.14.1 +1
Total Downloads: 17
Updated: Oct 21, 2021
Created: Oct 16, 2021
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# TakuGuildSync

### Video overview

### Features

– Synchronized Kill on sight (KOS) list within a guild.

– Reason of enlistment.

– Sound alerts on targeting and mouse over.

– World map markers.

– (Bonus) Guild ranks in chat.

### Limitations

– Players added to the list will disappear after **2 hours** if they’re not seen in-game and if you haven’t updated their reason of enlistment.

– The list has a limited capacity of **50 players at a time**. This includes players you manually remove from the list, as they have to reach the 2 hours timeout to be effectively removed anyway.

– World map markers indicate your own position and not your enemy’s because WoW API doesn’t provide this information, but this should be easy enough to find the target in a small radius.

### Tips

If your list is filled with suspicious entries, you may want to take a look at the event log to know which person sent them to you. Note that this person is not always guilty and could simply be passing informations from another person, but it will give you a starting point of investigation.

/tgs log

If you wish to enlist a player for a longer time, say he is a public enemy and not just a random camper and if you have the **consent** of your guild, you can add them to the list for up to 30 days with the command :

/tgs debug_persistkos PLAYERNAME : NUMBER_OF_DAYS_FROM_1_TO_30

>Reason of enlistment will be locked, so you might want to update it before doing that.
They can be removed but will just be hidden and **take a spot in the list** until their sentence is over.


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