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Game Version: 1.13.2
Total Downloads: 1,495
Updated: Sep 19, 2019
Created: Aug 25, 2019
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Tale records the history of World of Warcraft characters. Whenever a character is played it will keep a running log of many types of notable events along with a location history.

The log files for a character can be found in your World of Warcraft directory under _classic_/WTF/Account/ACCOUNTNAME/REALMNAME/CHARACTERNAME/SavedVariables/Tale.lua

Types of events

These are the events that are logged at the current time. More may be added over time:

  • Deaths
  • Level ups
  • Quest turn ins, along with information about which quest was handed in
  • Kills
  • Boss kills in instances
  • PvP kills
  • Battleground results
  • Changes to group composition – effectively keeps track of party members


Along with making log entries Tale is also able to take screenshots when most of these events occur. It is possible to configure which events will be logged and screenshot respectively in the addon options.

Periodic logging

Periodically Tale will make a note of the player's current state and position. The frequency of these log entries can be changed in the addon options. All in all this information can be used to very precisely reconstruct a character's journey through Azeroth and, for example, display it on a map. See images or this link for some proof of concepts of how the data can be used:


This addon is a modification of the Memoria screenshot addon by Shadnix. If you like the idea of screenshots at key moments during your character's life but don't care about the log I suggest you go check it out!


The log format is documented in more detail in the github repository. If you want to develop your own parsing of the log I suggest you start there.


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