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The Ring of Twelve

Game Version: 7.1.0
Total Downloads: 2,154
Updated: Dec 16, 2016
Created: Nov 23, 2016
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The Ring of Twelve v0.9 release 23.42 KB Dec 16, 2016 7.1.0 1,423 download The Ring of Twelve The Ring of Twelve v0.9 releaseDownload



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The Ring of Twelve creates a customizable ring around your character divided into 12 segments.

Each segment can be linked to a spell and will reflect the spell state in combat: availability, cooldown (CD), out of range (OoR), out of mana (OoM). Your character health level, old power types like mana, rage etc. along with alternate power like insanity, maelstrom can also be attached.

Video tutorials:

The Ring of Twelve – settings
The Ring of Twelve – single target rotation
The Ring of Twelve – WrongWay sign and Unclog button

Slash commands:

/r12 – brings up setting window

/r12 on – shows the ring

/r12 off – hides the ring

Settings and how it works:

Lock/unlock checkbox in right top corner of the setting window: it locks/unlocks Settings window, WrongWay sign and Unclog frame.

On the top you will see 6 sliders: self explanatory Ring radius, Ring opacity and Ring gap; Empty segment opacity changes opacity of unused segments of the ring.

Each segment has 3 colors and a pin with 2 colors: normal segment color is applied when the spell is available to cast, light color – when the spell is available and on CD, dark color – when the spell is not available. The pin will either be of the normal segment color and show CD progress or of OoR color and in the middle of the segment if the spell is out of range.

In case of displaying your health, mana, etc. the pin color will always be the color of the segment and the segment will go from a darker color to the normal color depending on the bar percentage.

Darken color – applied if the spell is OoR or not available (no or invalid target), Lighten color – applied to available spells on CD.

Show full colors – if checked will ignore darken and lighten color, use it while setting up the ring colors, WrongWay sign and Unclog frame.

OoR pin color – sets the color for a segment pin when spell is OoR. Click on the swatch to bring up the color palette, move the mouse to choose a color and click on the palette again to save the choice.

Sign color – sets the color of WrongWay sign (see desc below).

Bars to show on the ring – boxes below should be your health, normal power and alternate power if you have it. Click on a box and then click on one of the segment swatches below to attach the bar.

Segment swatches:

There are 12 segment swatches below, each has a icon/color swatch, spell name text and two checkboxes, CD and IR.

Icon/color swatch – drag and drop a spell from your Spellbook onto this swatch to connect the spell to the ring segment.

Left-click on the swatch to bring up the color palette, move the mouse to choose a color and click on the palette again to save the choice. Right-click on the swatch to reset it.

CD checkbox – if unchecked, the segment pin will not reflect current CD and will only show up in case the spell is OoR.

IR checkbox – if checked, the segment will ignore range availability for the spell, this is useful when you cast range spells like PW:Shield on yourself.

NP checkbox – if checked, the spell range will be used to colorize enemy nameplates if they are in range to cast the spell. In other words, all enemies around you that are within a certain range, say melee range if you tick this box for a melee range spell, will have their nameplates colorized differently. This puts some extra stress on the game and might drop FPS in crowded fights.

Target nameplate size – changes the height of the target's nameplate. This should help you to see your target in crowded fights, see screenshots 10 & 11.

Ring update rate defines how many times per second the ring state will be updated.

Unclog button – if pressed, many messages including errors, location, dungeon/raid, boss texts that normally popup in the middle of your screen will be attached to Unclog frame that you can move around by dragging it with the left mouse button and scale by dragging with the right mouse button. To make Unclog frame visible you need to check "Show full colors" box and to make it draggable unlock settings window, please see this video tutorial.

 WrongWay sign – will flash if you're facing the wrong way while in fight. It can be scaled and moved around similar to Unclog frame, see above. Use "Sign color" swatch to choose the color of it.

Known issues:

Some spells and function are internally broken in Bliz API and will not provide the correct info for the Addon. One example is a spell that replaces another spell after talent or specialization change. If some spells are not working correctly, please provide the feedback and they will be patched through manually in the code.

Sometimes due to client issues you might not see alternate power right under Bars to show on the ring after starting the game, please press "Reload UI" button to fix this. Also the Addon will not update when you change your talent tree or specialization, please use "Reload UI" button to sync the Addon.


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