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Game Version: 1.14.1 +1
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Updated: Nov 24, 2021
Created: Nov 22, 2021
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This version of TheoryCraftClassic picks up where left off.
I always wanted the ability tooltips to reflect my characters equipped effects and this mod does that. The plan is to slowly rework the internals to use modern wow engine conventions and API calls. As of Nov 2021 it is not entirely functional, and much of the number crunching may be inaccurate, so this is a WIP. However unlike the version last updated in January of 2020 this version has no known missing textures, or any lua errors in Classic or BCC. I’ll be working my hardest over the next few weeks/months to restore any functionality that is currently not working, and maybe in the future to restore some cut features if practical.

NOTE: No gamedata for BCC has yet been added. So that means no spells/abilities/talents or new stats in BCC are yet available. Its been enough work so far just to make TC not have a horribly broken UI. Remember most of this code hasn’t really been touched since 2006, so give me some time to make the necessary updates.

TheoryCraftClassic2 will never be as accurate as a simulator would be, but it should be pretty good for general use.
There is basic functionality for talent testing.
In theory French and German localizations are included, but they are 100% untested, and they seem to only be about half complete.


TheoryCraft Original(ish) Description

Theorycraft places everything you need to know about your spells right on their tooltips. Or, if you’re using the default action bars, on their buttons. Want to have a row of low rank heals with their heal values on the button? Too easy.

Not only that, TC can help you compare gear stats. Wanna find out how much +1 crit is worth in spell damage. Or for melee users, how much attack power you’d need to equal another 10 agility, or 1% to crit?  TC will help you with that.

Talents can be tested in a similar way.

Type “/tc” to open the configuration window.


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