WoW ThunderLoot addon Dragonflight/Wrath of the Lich King Classic 2023
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Game Version: 1.13.4
Total Downloads: 128
Updated: Nov 4, 2020
Created: Mar 17, 2020
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
V2.6 release 171.23 KB Nov 4, 2020 1.13.4 0 download ThunderLoot V2.6 releaseDownload
V2.4 release 171.21 KB Oct 30, 2020 1.13.4 18 download ThunderLoot V2.4 releaseDownload
V2.3 release 171.04 KB Sep 27, 2020 1.13.5 24 download ThunderLoot V2.3 releaseDownload
V2.1 release 171.35 KB Sep 6, 2020 1.13.5 18 download ThunderLoot V2.1 releaseDownload
v2.0 beta 171.31 KB Sep 6, 2020 1.13.5 5 download ThunderLoot v2.0 betaDownload
v1.9 beta 171.29 KB Sep 6, 2020 1.13.5 12 download ThunderLoot v1.9 betaDownload
v1.8 beta 171.81 KB Aug 26, 2020 1.13.5 14 download ThunderLoot v1.8 betaDownload
V1.7 beta 171.64 KB Aug 26, 2020 1.13.5 6 download ThunderLoot V1.7 betaDownload
v1.6 beta 171.49 KB Aug 25, 2020 1.13.5 14 download ThunderLoot v1.6 betaDownload
v1.5 beta 171.35 KB Aug 23, 2020 1.13.5 9 download ThunderLoot v1.5 betaDownload



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ThunderLoot is made to make it easy to keep track of loot and attendance.



This addon is still in the beta stage and does therefor not have all its features accessible or changeable by the user 

Will store data in the OfficerNotes.
Needs a selected guild character to store Addon data on.
Everything should work out of the box.
Loot is grouped by ranks.

Bonus points awarded for good attendance.


On first load of the addon, it will ask the user for who the selected guild character is, that should be used for data storage.

The database can be manually by editing the lua file located at:
"…\World of Warcraft\_classic_\WTF\Account\{accountID}\SavedVariables\ThunderLoot.lua"

Remember to close the game before editing the database!



"/tl config" (Opens and closes the config menu)

"/tl menu" (Opens and closes the main menu)

"/tl startraid" (Starts a new raid)

"/tl stopraid" (Ends the raid)

"/tl bench CharacterName" (adds a Character to the raid's bench list)

"/tl attend CharacterName" (adds a Character to the raid's attendance list)

"/tl raidroll" (Rolls a random group/raid member)

"/tl roll ItemLink" (Starts a roll for an item)

"/tl nextroll" (Sets the roll priority)

"/tl stoproll" (End the roll)

"/tl ap" (Shows your current AP)

"/tl additem ItemLink" (Adds an item to the database)

"/tl delitem ItemLink" (Removes an item from the database)


Other guild members can message the player with addon active to get their current attendance points by messaging "ap"

More info will be added as features is added.


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