WoW Titan Panel [Farm Friend] addon Dragonflight/Wrath of the Lich King Classic 2022
wow addon Titan Panel [Farm Friend]

Titan Panel [Farm Friend]

Game Version: 9.2.7
Total Downloads: 18,117
Updated: Aug 19, 2022
Created: Jul 14, 2019
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
TitanFarmFriend.v.5.2 release 96.60 KB Aug 19, 2022 9.2.7 6 download Titan Panel [Farm Friend] TitanFarmFriend.v.5.2 releaseDownload
TitanFarmFriend.v.5.1 release 96.60 KB May 30, 2022 9.2.5 1,548 download Titan Panel [Farm Friend] TitanFarmFriend.v.5.1 releaseDownload
TitanFarmFriend.v.5.0 release 96.60 KB Mar 27, 2022 9.2.0 1,370 download Titan Panel [Farm Friend] TitanFarmFriend.v.5.0 releaseDownload
TitanFarmFriend.v.4.9 release 96.60 KB Feb 23, 2022 9.2.0 1,056 download Titan Panel [Farm Friend] TitanFarmFriend.v.4.9 releaseDownload
TitanFarmFriend.v.4.6 release 96.38 KB Jan 28, 2022 9.1.5 815 download Titan Panel [Farm Friend] TitanFarmFriend.v.4.6 releaseDownload
TitanFarmFriend.v.4.6 release 96.38 KB Nov 6, 2021 9.1.5 1,355 download Titan Panel [Farm Friend] TitanFarmFriend.v.4.6 releaseDownload
TitanFarmFriend.v.4.5 release 96.06 KB Jun 30, 2021 9.1.0 1,895 download Titan Panel [Farm Friend] TitanFarmFriend.v.4.5 releaseDownload
TitanFarmFriend.v.4.4 release 96.56 KB Mar 10, 2021 9.0.5 1,897 download Titan Panel [Farm Friend] TitanFarmFriend.v.4.4 releaseDownload
TitanFarmFriend.v.4.3 release 96.56 KB Jan 11, 2021 9.0.2 1,689 download Titan Panel [Farm Friend] TitanFarmFriend.v.4.3 releaseDownload
TitanFarmFriend.v.4.2 release 96.43 KB Nov 18, 2020 9.0.2 1,645 download Titan Panel [Farm Friend] TitanFarmFriend.v.4.2 releaseDownload
TitanFarmFriend-4.1 release 96.43 KB Oct 6, 2020 9.0.1 1,112 download Titan Panel [Farm Friend] TitanFarmFriend-4.1 releaseDownload
TitanFarmFriend-4.0 release 96.50 KB Aug 24, 2020 9.0.1 689 download Titan Panel [Farm Friend] TitanFarmFriend-4.0 releaseDownload
TitanFarmFriend-3.0 release 96.33 KB Jan 14, 2020 8.3.0 1,522 download Titan Panel [Farm Friend] TitanFarmFriend-3.0 releaseDownload
TitanFarmFriend-2.6 release 96.33 KB Oct 25, 2019 8.2.5 642 download Titan Panel [Farm Friend] TitanFarmFriend-2.6 releaseDownload
FarmFirend release 96.34 KB Sep 26, 2019 8.2.5 345 download Titan Panel [Farm Friend] FarmFirend releaseDownload
Titan Farm Friend release 96.34 KB Sep 25, 2019 8.2.5 148 download Titan Panel [Farm Friend] Titan Farm Friend releaseDownload
TitanFarmFriend release 96.34 KB Jul 14, 2019 8.2.0 383 download Titan Panel [Farm Friend] TitanFarmFriend releaseDownload



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Titan Panel [Farm Friend]

A World of Warcraft AddOn that extends the famous Titan Panel with the functionality to Track up to nine Farmed Items in the Titan Panel Bar.

A notification will appear if the defined goal quantity for an item has reached.




Alt + Right click on an Item in your Bags or Bank to start tracking.
You can also enter the name of the desired Item in the AddOn settings.




  • Track up to four farmed Items in the Titan Panel Bar
  • Track inventory or inventory and bank quantity
  • Show item icon in the Titan Panel Bar
  • Define an optional quantity for the farmed item
  • Shows a notification if the item quantity has reached
  • Select an optional sound for the notification
  • Customize notification effects
  • Show colored item count and quantity
  • Localized (English and German)
  • Define an shortcut for fast tracking (Default: ALT + right click)
  • Toggle item display modes


Please note: Through the limitation of the API functions it is currently only possible to track known items.

That means the items have to be in your data cache (Opened Tooltips, Inventory, Bank etc.)
The item name will be validated if you set it if the item name is invalid or not known by the API you will see a notification.



Chat Commands

  • /ff track <Item Slot 1 – 9> <Item ID | Item Name | Item Link> – Sets the tracked item
  • /ff quantity <Item Slot 1 – 9> <Quantity> – Sets the goal quantity.
  • /ff primary <Item Slot 1 – 9> – Sets the items position that would be shown in the Titan Panel bar.
  • /ff settings – Open up the AddOn settings page.
  • /ff reset <all | items> – Resets Farm Friend to it’s default settings.
  • /ff version – Show the current used Farm Friend Version.
  • /ff help – Shows the available chat commands.


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