WoW Titan Panel [Work Orders] (BETA) addon Dragonflight/Wrath of the Lich King Classic 2022
wow addon Titan Panel [Work Orders] (BETA)

Titan Panel [Work Orders] (BETA)

Game Version: 6.1.0
Total Downloads: 16,727
Updated: Feb 25, 2015
Created: Dec 9, 2014
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
Titan Panel [Work Orders] (BETA) v0.9.4 beta 11.29 KB Feb 25, 2015 6.1.0 12,933 download Titan Panel [Work Orders] (BETA) Titan Panel [Work Orders] (BETA) v0.9.4 betaDownload
Titan Panel [Work Orders] (BETA) v0.9.3 beta 11.29 KB Dec 26, 2014 6.0.3 2,476 download Titan Panel [Work Orders] (BETA) Titan Panel [Work Orders] (BETA) v0.9.3 betaDownload
Titan Panel [Work Orders] (BETA) v0.9.2 beta 11.28 KB Dec 12, 2014 6.0.3 987 download Titan Panel [Work Orders] (BETA) Titan Panel [Work Orders] (BETA) v0.9.2 betaDownload
Titan Panel [Work Orders] (BETA) v0.9.1 beta 12.25 KB Dec 9, 2014 6.0.3 331 download Titan Panel [Work Orders] (BETA) Titan Panel [Work Orders] (BETA) v0.9.1 betaDownload



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Titan Panel [Work Orders] (BETA)

Titan Panel [Work Orders] is a plugin for the Titan Panel AddOn, which lets you easily check on the Work Order production in your Garrison.

This AddOn adds all of the Work Order buildings as separate Titan Panel plugins, so you can easily organize them. Each of the plugins can be shown as just an icon, with information shown on the tooltip, or with a live Work Order information feed right on your Titan Panel. Also, you can left click on any of these plugins to open up the Garrison Report.

This AddOn no longer consumes massive amounts of resources, so don't be afraid to have all of the life information feeds active!

Beta Testing

It's been oddly difficult to test this AddOn, but it makes sense: You can't have all of the buildings in your Garrison on one character. Even worse, there are different buildings on both factions! That said, this AddOn is still in Beta phase, and I need your help to test it out! I have managed to test it on some of the buildings, and I got friends to test it on additional buildings… But, there are so many things that can happen in the Garrison, it is literally impossible to simulate it all. Below is a list of things that have been tested and that need to be tested more.

Testing color key

  • Green – Heavily tested and seems to be working.
  • Yellow – Some testing done, needs more.
  • Red – Not tested, might not work. Please report your findings ASAP! Even if it works!

Garrison Buildings

  • Engineering Works
  • The Tannery
  • Alchemy Lab
  • Enchanter's Study
  • Gem Boutique
  • Scribe's Quarters
  • Tailoring Emporium
  • The Forge
  • Barn
  • Lumber Mill
  • Trading Post
  • Dwarven Bunker
  • War Mill
  • Herb Garden
  • Lunarfall Excavation
  • Frostwall Mines

Garrison Concepts/Events

  • Login
  • Zone change
  • Construction started on an empty plot (new building is being tracked)
  • Building replaced with new one (new building is being tracked)
  • Building replaced with new one (replaced building is being tracked)
  • Building upgraded
  • Construction finished
  • Construction confirmed


I've made this AddOn so it can easily be localized. So far, I only have enUS, as English is my only secondary language (main is Croatian). Localization is important here because it uses actual names of buildings to find them. I would use IDs, but they seem to differ too much between levels, and seem difficult to predict for all buildings. If you think you can help me localize it for different languages, you can find the localization file here: TitanWorkOrders\locale\locale-enUS.lua If you manage to localize it, be sure to send me the file so I can add it in!

Known issues

Considering this AddOn is still in beta, there might still be some issues floating around. I am working with mostly undocumented Garrison API, so I am not completely familiar with how some of the methods and events might work. Here are the known issues so far:

  • For now, the AddOn will only work on enUS localization, because it has to compare building names to register them. If you can help me with localization, I can make it work with more languages.


Why did you make this AddOn?

I was unable to find any Titan Panel plugin which would show live information about Work Orders, so I simply made one myself. I also can't be bothered with opening the Garrison Report all the time.

Why are all of the buildings as separate entries in Titan Panel?

To help you with organization like ordering on the Titan Panel and building-specific settings.

Can I use it as a right-side plugin?


Is this CPU hungry?

Not at all. There has been an issue with the previous version where it consumed too much resources, but this has been fixed!

I found a bug/something is not working.

That is why it is in Beta! Be sure to report any findings so I can fix it all as soon as possible!


Ingame: Thorinair – EU Ravencrest – Alliance


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