WoW Tooltip Spells & Notes addon Shadowlands/Burning Crusade Classic 2021
wow addon Tooltip Spells & Notes

Tooltip Spells & Notes

Game Version: 2.5.2
Total Downloads: 313
Updated: Aug 31, 2021
Created: May 31, 2021
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for Classic BC
Earlier Versions

Earlier Versions

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This will collect the spells used by mobs and show them on their tooltip. Custom notes can also be set on them and on players.



In the normal key binding options, there are bindings that will set, show to yourself, or tell your group your target’s notes and known spells. To remove a custom note but not spells, set a new, empty note.



/tnote set [name]open the popup to set a custom note on [name] (or your target if [name] isn’t used)

/tnote clear [name]clear the note/spells for [name] (or your target if [name] isn’t used)

/tnote show [name]show yourself the note/spells of [name] (or your target if [name] isn’t used)

/tnote say [name]tell your group the note/spells of [name] (or your target if [name] isn’t used)

/tnote notecolorset the text color of custom notes

/tnote spellcolorset the text color of the spell list

/tnote wordwrap <width>set how many characters to wrap notes at, or 0 for default – only needed with certain tooltip addons



This addon was originally made for the old 2.4.3 TBC client and was converted a few days before the release of TBC Classic. From the testing I could do as a guildless, withered feral without many resources, it seems to be working.


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