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Game Version: 7.0.3
Total Downloads: 401
Updated: Sep 17, 2016
Created: Sep 5, 2016
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NOTE: This will addon will change in the future, as I could not figure out an exact work around right now. For now, this addon works simply to give the user a total artifact power earned so that they may know how close/far they are from the 100k artifact power milestone. This addon was intended for use among friends/guildies, however I figured I might as well release it to the public as well.

This addon is intended for use with people who have ALL THREE ARTIFACT WEAPONS (currently).

To use this addon, once you have loaded it and are in game, simply type the commands as following, and wait for the specialization switch to finish each time…

  • /taprun start
  • /taprun 1
  • /taprun 2
  • /taprun 3

The first command will force your spec to your first spec, and the following three commands will add up your artifact power for the weapon equipped, and switch your specialization to the next one.


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