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Game Version: 2.5.1
Total Downloads: 21,471
Updated: May 10, 2021
Created: Aug 29, 2019
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download TotalQuestXP classic 1.13.7Download
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Earlier Versions

Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
TotalQuestXP (TBC) release 7.55 KB May 10, 2021 2.5.1 0 download TotalQuestXP TotalQuestXP (TBC) releaseDownload
Release-1-10 release 8.11 KB Apr 21, 2021 1.13.7 1,173 download TotalQuestXP Release-1-10 releaseDownload
Release-1-9 release 8.11 KB Apr 21, 2021 1.13.7 142 download TotalQuestXP Release-1-9 releaseDownload
Release-1-8 release 8.10 KB Jan 29, 2021 1.13.6 1,727 download TotalQuestXP Release-1-8 releaseDownload
Release-1-7-3 release 8.11 KB Mar 31, 2020 1.13.4 3,909 download TotalQuestXP Release-1-7-3 releaseDownload
Release-1-7-2 release 8.17 KB Aug 31, 2019 1.13.2 9,580 download TotalQuestXP Release-1-7-2 releaseDownload
Release-1-7 release 8.15 KB Aug 31, 2019 1.13.2 1,802 download TotalQuestXP Release-1-7 releaseDownload
release release 9.33 KB Aug 29, 2019 1.13.2 2,549 download TotalQuestXP release releaseDownload
TotalQuestXP release 8.41 KB Aug 29, 2019 1.13.2 589 download TotalQuestXP TotalQuestXP releaseDownload



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Current Version: 1.8

NOTICE: Since this addon relies on quest-caching when quests are accepted, this addon will not include any quests you already have in your quest log. You can, however, abandon and re-take the quests.

Hopefully, this addon lets you decide whether or not you need to a grind a few extra mobs before returning to town, to avoid running back and forth.

  • This addon adds a status bar that summarizes your total experience quest reward, from all currently completable quests in your quest log.
  • The bar keeps track of your current and required experience and will show you when you have saved up enough experience to go back to your quest hub to ding.
  • Quest that require you to “speak with” some NPC are included as completed.
  • Quests that are not yet completed are shown on the bar with green fill/texture.
  • Options panel allows for slight configuration.


  • /tqxp to open the options panel

You can also find it in the Menu > Interface Options > AddOns > TotalQuestXP

Issues or Feedback?

Go to my GitHub repository to add any issues please:


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