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Touchy\’s Settings

Game Version: 6.0.3
Total Downloads: 2,191
Updated: Nov 10, 2014
Created: Nov 10, 2014
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r20141110230742 beta 5.92 KB Nov 10, 2014 6.0.3 1,918 download Touchy\’s Settings r20141110230742 betaDownload
r20141113181235 alpha 6.21 KB Nov 13, 2014 6.0.3 176 download Touchy\’s Settings r20141113181235 alphaDownload
r20141110023348 alpha 5.86 KB Nov 10, 2014 6.0.3 97 download Touchy\’s Settings r20141110023348 alphaDownload



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I'm marking this as beta for people who want to try and follow along and help contribute screenshots/benchmarks while I work on it. When I say "beta" I actually mean it.

Have you got some console command that is supposed to improve the way the game looks or that is supposed to make it run better? if so, send it to me along with the minimum setting, maximum setting, and if possible a couple of screenshots or a small video highlighting the difference. If I can reproduce the effect then I'll add it.

This addon exposes several in-game settings that normally require console commands to modify. If you're not comfortable typing /console cameraMaxDistance 600 and would rather use a slider or drop down menu to modify these hidden settings then this addon is will do that. You can accomplish everything this addon does using console commands or by editing directly. You can completely undo any settings changes by simply deleting your file and allowing WoW to recreate it when you lauch the game.

I will only include settings that can be demonstrated to have a measurable effect. Over the years many CVars have been added, removed, or modified and there is a lot of misinformation about what settings exist and what modifying them does. Likewise, I'll not include settings that can already be exhaustively controlled by the standard Blizzard settings interface. In the case of settings that are tied together (e.g. ground effect distance and fade), I'll only include them if you can't exhaustively set the options using in-game settings. If you believe there is something that should be added, send me a message, I'll confirm that it still works, and I'll add it in.

1. Quit Warcraft
2. Install the addon
3. Open and add the following line to the top: SET spellEffectLevel "10"
4. Save and ensure your change has saved (it may not if you have it installed in a non-standard directory)
5. Start Warcraft, use the addon menu to ensure it's loading properly.
6. After you've logged in, use the command /ts or /touchysettings to bring up the configuration window

Note that all modifications are immediate: there is no confirm dialog or "okay" button to press. If you uncheck the "Synchronize Macros" box then synchronization stops immediately. Likewise, clicking on the "erase keybindings" button will immediately unbind your keys. Use caution: I'm assuming that anybody who downloads an addon will be cautious.

Settings included are:
* Synchronize keybindings
* Synchronize settings
* Synchronize macros
* Maximum camera distance
* Ground effect density
* Ground effect distance
* Spell effect level (requires a manual edit to before it can be used)
* Shadow texture quality
* Terrain LOD distance
* Screenshot Format
* Screenshot Quality

Also, some one-button options to "erase" macros, key binds, and actionbar settings because the in-game "reset" buttons set them to Blizzard thinks they should be instead of just clearing them all out.


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