WoW Vashj Planner addon Shadowlands/Burning Crusade Classic 2021
wow addon Vashj Planner

Vashj Planner

Game Version: 2.5.2
Total Downloads: 233
Updated: Sep 26, 2021
Created: Sep 16, 2021
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for Classic BC
Earlier Versions

Earlier Versions

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Initial release of my untested Vashj planning tool.


The Raidleader or an Assist can, after choosing the main roles (Tanks and Kiter) freely position any raidmember in the room. Default positions according to a standard tactic are provided.

After sharing, all other raid members with the addon will see the layout as designed by the raid leader, and will see their own position marked with a RED color for easy highlighting.




  • your own “dot” is larger and RED so you can easily see where/when you are placed
  • the addon is opened when the readlead shares the setup
  • open the addon manually with /vash
  • When you throw a tainted core, the Player you throw it to is warned via Whisper, and you announce your throw and target in raid chat automatically.



  • You need Assist atleast
  • Reload your interface after you got raidlead or assist
  • Open the addon with /vash
  • Select a Maintank, Offtank and your Kiter, grid is filled automatically
  • “Share” the grid to everyone who has the addon
  • use /vash reset to reset positions to the default ones
  • “Spam” does nothing at the moment, it is a leftover from Magtheridonplanner

    This addon is very fresh, additional functions are planned

    Known issues:

  • When the raid setup changes, players are moved around and switch positions. I am working on a fix for that. Current W/A is to set up your raid including MT marks, Assists and Group setups before making the setup.
  • The Warning message when throwing the core cannot be deactivated or modified. Will implement configuration options for that.


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