WoW VelhariHelper addon Dragonflight/Wrath of the Lich King Classic 2024
wow addon VelhariHelper


Game Version: 6.2.2
Total Downloads: 2,064
Updated: Oct 9, 2015
Created: Oct 5, 2015
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
v0.1 release 70.22 KB Oct 9, 2015 6.2.2 1,952 download VelhariHelper v0.1 releaseDownload
r20151009184122 alpha 70.16 KB Oct 9, 2015 6.2.2 27 download VelhariHelper r20151009184122 alphaDownload
r20151005140905 alpha 49.39 KB Oct 5, 2015 6.2.2 62 download VelhariHelper r20151005140905 alphaDownload
r20151005134719 alpha 1.19 KB Oct 5, 2015 6.2.2 23 download VelhariHelper r20151005134719 alphaDownload


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This addon notifies you the right time to move away from Searing Blaze appearing under your feet during Infernal Tempest.
It will also detect and alert Searing Blazes forming under you feet which is triggered by certain boss skills in P1

  • Addon will be automatic activated during boss encounter.
  • While Velhari is casting Infernal Tempest, this addon will starts to notify you with a beeping sound.
  • Avoid the fire under your feet on the third beep, and you will leave two Searing Blaze perfectly stacking together, less damage from movement, and less crap left on map.
  • Alarm sound indicates there is a Searing Blaze near you within 3 yards, better to watch your step.


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