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Game Version: 2.5.1
Total Downloads: 31
Updated: May 18, 2021
Created: May 13, 2020
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A tool to simplify inviting large number of players into raids in Classic WoW.
In particular, it shows directly who has accepted and who needs another invite.



The main window has a list of up to 40 players. Players in the raid are shown in green text, and players not yet in the group are shown in grey.


/vinew (new raid) opens the VortexInviter GUI, clearing any existing data. It also opens a window with a text entry, where a list of comma-separated names can be input. This is intended for auto-generated lists from other tools or signup pages. This populates the list but does not invite anyone. This can thus be done in advance of the raid start, regardless of who is online.


/vi Shows the VortexInviter GUI if it has been closed without clearing the list.


/vpinv, /vpinvite <player> (raid pre-invite) Adds a player to the list, but does not send an invite. Use this to add an extra name before the raid starts.


/vinv, /vinvite <player> (raid invite) Adds a player to the list, and also sends an invite. Use this to add an extra name after the raid invites has started.


Use /vinew and /vpinv to populate the list in advance. To send invites to the players in the list, simply left-click their names. They will turn green once they’ve accepted. This way, you don’t have to search among a list of 40 players to see who was AFK or in a group or for whatever other reason did not accept. To add extra players not in the list after invites have started, use /vinv rather than inviting directly, so that they will be added to the list.


A player who is on the list and whispers “inv” or “invite” to the raid leader will be automatically invited.


To remove a name from the list, right it. If in the raid (green name), that player will be removed also from the raid. Uninviting a player using other means (or if they leave on their own) will simply revert their status to “not in group” and remain in the list.


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