WoW Warlock Healthstone Tracker Tweaked addon Dragonflight/Wrath of the Lich King Classic 2024
wow addon Warlock Healthstone Tracker Tweaked

Warlock Healthstone Tracker Tweaked

Game Version: 1.13.6
Total Downloads: 60
Updated: Jan 25, 2021
Created: Jan 24, 2021
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
1.3.1 release 125.91 KB Jan 25, 2021 1.13.6 57 download Warlock Healthstone Tracker Tweaked 1.3.1 releaseDownload
1.3.0 release 125.87 KB Jan 24, 2021 1.13.6 3 download Warlock Healthstone Tracker Tweaked 1.3.0 releaseDownload


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This addon is a patched version of WHT by draon12.

This version tracks which players are in range for trading in the little listview.


Warlock Healthstone Tracker

Track healthstones traded to other players and their consumption.

See the companion addon that shows healthstones using Blizzard party and raid frames.


  • Track healthstones created, traded, and consumed
  • Show simple list of players that need a healthstone
  • Filter list view by role select and/or class
  • Sync healthstone status among party / raid members
  • Exposes simple callback plugin interface for other addons to display healthstone tracking.

Known Issues

  • #5 – No-lib zip still includes libraries

Future improvements

  • #11 – Track offline players and automatically remove their healthstones after 15 minutes.


  • Healthstone consumption is based on combat log – If you are in a different zone, corpse running, or simply too far away the addon will not see the healthstone was consumed.


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