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Weapon Swap Auto Macros

Game Version: 9.0.2
Total Downloads: 767
Updated: Nov 22, 2020
Created: Aug 18, 2020
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Earlier Versions

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1.07 Release release 122.17 KB Nov 22, 2020 9.0.2 0 download Weapon Swap Auto Macros 1.07 Release releaseDownload
1.06 Release release 121.35 KB Oct 19, 2020 9.0.1 456 download Weapon Swap Auto Macros 1.06 Release releaseDownload
1.05 Release release 120.48 KB Aug 22, 2020 9.0.1 280 download Weapon Swap Auto Macros 1.05 Release releaseDownload
1.04 Release release 120.40 KB Aug 21, 2020 9.0.1 18 download Weapon Swap Auto Macros 1.04 Release releaseDownload
1.01 Release Version release 120.29 KB Aug 20, 2020 9.0.1 10 download Weapon Swap Auto Macros 1.01 Release Version releaseDownload



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Updates Post Video creation:
– Allow Fury warriors to use onehanded weapons
– Added Macros for Retribution Paladin
– Added Macros for Holy Paladin
– Added Macros for Survival Hunter

Prefer video to text?

I got you covered. Here is everything you need to know in a *cough* 'short' 8 minutes video:

What does it do:

This addon will provide and update macros for you, that automatically switch between your main weapons and a loadout with shield when trying to use a skill that necessitates the switch.

The names for the weapons/shields are automatically read from designated equipment sets and will update in all macros everytime you make a change to those equipment sets. You do not need to reassign those macros to your actionbars, they stay in place.


Never update a weapon swap macro manually ever again



With the Prepatch for shadowlands (9.0) Arms and Fury warriors get Shield Slam and Shield Block skills back as baseline skills again. If you want to make use of those in any combat situation, a macro is the easiest solution to equip a shield or go back to your main weapons. The same goes for Shield of the Righteous for Paladin.


Default Equipment Set names: "Arms_Twohanded" and "Arms_Shield"
Macros included
– Mortal Strike (switch to twohanded weapon)
– Sharpen Blade + Mortal Strike (switch to twohanded weapon)
– Cleave (switch to Twohanded weapon, acts as normal Sweeping strikes if Cleave Talent is not active)
– Shield Block (switch to onehanded+shield)
– Shield Slam (switch to onehanded+shield)
– Defensive Stance (swap weapons between twohanded and onehanded+shield. Will swap on every click so its not exactly spam-friendly, but I personally like it)
– Weapon Swap (swap weapons between twohanded and onehanded+shield.)


Default Equipment Set names: "Fury_Offense" and "Fury_Shield"
Macros included
– Rampage (switch to two weapons)
– Raging Blow(switch to two weapons)

– Onslaught(switch to two weapons)

– Siegebreaker(switch to two weapons)

– Shield Block (switch to weapon+shield)
– Shield Slam (switch to weapon+shield)
– Weapon Swap (swap weapons between two weapons and weapon+shield.)


Default Equipment Set names: "Ret_Twohanded" and "Ret_Shield"
Macros included
– Blade of Justice (switch to twohanded weapon)
– Divine Storm (switch to twohanded weapon)
– Templar's Verdict (switch to twohanded weapon)
– Shield of the Righteous (switch to onehanded+shield)
– Weapon Swap (swap weapons between twohanded and onehanded+shield.)


Default Equipment Set names: "Holy_Twohanded" and "Holy_Shield"
Macros included
– Shield of the Righteous (switch to onehanded+shield)
– Weapon Swap (swap weapons between twohanded and onehanded+shield.)


The macros use the character-specific macro slots.
You can configure in Interface>>Addons options, from which equipment sets the data is derived and what macros you want to be maintained and how they should be named.


Known issues:
– Doesn't work or shows strange behaviour if you don't have enough character-specifc macros left available You need at least as many as you would like to create based on your configuration
– Doesn't necessarily work properly with multiple weapons of the same name, as the macros try to equip items by name. I looked into it and I really can't find a better way to do it. I could go by item Id, buit even there it is identical for the same weapon at different ilevels/enchants/slotting, so there is no way to differentiate in the macro the exact unique weapon

9.0 and higher? Yes
8.3? Seems so
before 8.3? No idea

Developed the addon for my own use explicitly for shadowlands (9.0+) . I have no idea how far back it is compatible. Seems to work for 8.3, but  I don't think it would work with Classic. (Using rather modern wow api functions)


October 18, 2020 at 8:10 pm

Hi there,
thanks for the amazing work, I am already in love with it.
Can I ask you whether would be possible have your UI? 😀

October 26, 2020 at 1:07 am

This addon works for my level 50 warriors but doesn’t even appear for new characters. I was wondering what level this addon becomes available in game.

November 3, 2020 at 6:02 am

can you please add ability to make a custom spec or one for SV hunters would be highly useful also, thanks

February 21, 2021 at 3:40 pm

Apparently this doesn’t work if you already have macros, pretty useless.

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