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Game Version: 10.0.2
Total Downloads: 638
Updated: Jan 4, 2023
Created: Apr 13, 2018
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads release 34.22 KB Jan 4, 2023 10.0.2 39 download XPGain releaseDownload release 36.56 KB Aug 2, 2018 8.0.1 411 download XPGain releaseDownload release 36.69 KB Apr 13, 2018 7.3.5 +2 188 download XPGain releaseDownload



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I wrote this because because I’ve always wanted a mod that would print more detailed experience information to chat when I gained experience, I first found XP Gain Notify which served that purpose well but wasn’t updated in a very long time. I then found Exp2 which worked well, and was still being updated, but I preferred the format of the first, since I found Exp2’s too lengthy. Later on I also found I was interested in how my partymembers were doing experience wise as we were questing or doing dungeons, so I added the ability to tell the experience information of party members that also use the mod.

So in short,
XPGain is a simple mod that prints your experience information to chat when you gain experience, in a format similar to “+1XP. (85%) 15XP to go. 15 Repititions.” colored by how far into the level you are, see the screenshots for examples. If you are in a party with any others that use XPGain, you will also be able to see their experience status by typing /xpg partyexp, and vice versa if they want to see yours and use the mod (you can also do /xpg exp partyname to get a specific persons info if they use the mod). You can also do /xpg exp to get a personal experience printout without having to go and kill something, in a form similar to “Level 59 Rogue, 12.19% of the way to 60, with 151031XP (87.80%) to go.” which also happens to be the format other party members experience will show as.

* GUI menu can be accessed with /xpg menu, /xpg displays all slash commands.

* /xpg expwindow, or /xpg petwindow to open or close the respective experience windows.

* Added a way for the user to input custom color values for the experience brackets (RGB values gotten from Useful Extras or any other means of getting a normal RGB value work well) either by slash or GUI.

* Integrated the Colorpicker features of Useful Extras into EMLib, so that XPGain can use those parts on its own without requiring Useful Extras. So now those that use the mod can now automatically use the colorpicker to input colors they choose into the experience percents.

* Can now choose which chat tab the on experience gain, and experience reports (/xpg exp) get sent too.

In the next couple versions I hope to add a way for those who use the mod to enter their own their own experience percents, if they want ones other then 0, 25, 40, 55, 70, and 85 percent of the way.

** As always, for the most up-to-date information, and any bug reports or feature requests you might have, feel free to post them on the portal here. **

* Add the use chat option to the menu, and possibly replace the existing menu with adding the menu to interface/addons menu
* Remove leftover pet experience code (does not currently do anything, and pets don’t gain seperate experience anymore)
* Redo the code in the single namespace method (backend, no noticeable change to anyone using the mod)
* Remove any bugs (if any).

Future Todo:
* Add a minimap button and/or LDB displayer.
* Add a way for the user to change the experience brackets (from 0, 25, 40, 55, 70, and 85 percents, to whatever they wish).


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