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ZeldaLoot Lite

Game Version: 6.1.0
Total Downloads: 5,847
Updated: Apr 12, 2015
Created: Apr 12, 2015
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Version 1.0.0 release 3.34 MB Apr 12, 2015 6.1.0 5,847 download ZeldaLoot Lite Version 1.0.0 releaseDownload



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I've always loved the ZeldaLoot addon by Rickyk but it stopped working a while back. Then Zethriller picked it up, and it stopped working again. Then Darth Killer had a go and it stopped working once more. I couldn't quickly figure out what the problem was with the latest incarnation so I made my own super light-weight version.

ZeldaLoot Lite will play a sound from the Zelda series whenever an uncommon (green) or better item is looted.

This has no configuration but you can change the sounds used, or prevent some sounds from playing altogether:
– In ZeldaLoot_lite/Sounds/ there are some sound files (2.mp3, 3.mp3, 4.mp3, …). These correspond to the item quality codes here:

  1. Common (white) [NOT USED BY DEFAULT]
  2. Uncommon (green)
  3. Rare (blue)
  4. Epic (purple)
  5. Legendary (orange)
  6. Artifact (gold)
  7. Heirloom (gold)
  • To change the sound for a particular item quality, just replace the mp3 file. Some sets are included in the Sets folder.
  • To prevent a sound from playing altogether, just rename or remove the file.


  • The sounds will also play whenever you craft an item, so it can get spammy. In a future version I will disable sounds for crafting
  • If you really like Zelda you can add a 1.mp3 to the Sounds folder and you'll hear the sound whenever you loot a common item
  • type /zll to hear a random sound just to make sure the addon is working
  • Might not work properly when autoloot is enabled and you get two or more items of different quality. E.g. if you get a blue and a green, it might play the sound for green when it should play the blue sound. I will work on this in a future version.

Suggestions welcome.

Original credit to Rickyk for the idea and kudos to Zethriller and Darth Killer for carrying the torch afterwards


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