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Analyst rep

Game Version: 8.0.1
Total Downloads: 91
Updated: Oct 14, 2018
Created: Oct 14, 2018
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Are you also tired of those players in the trade chat or general channel that are posting "anal spam" like

"[2. Trade] [ìllidân]: anal [Crime and Punishment]"???

Cause i was. Actually, i was so upset, that i have invested about 4 hours in making this AddOn.


This AddOn automatically reports all those pesky cringelords who spam the trade chat / general channel with those messages.


The chances of analyst detecting a false positive is imperceptible low.


The chance of it overseeing "anal spam" is higher but still very low because it also searches for lots of alternative spelling variations like "annal" or "aanal" and even bypasses leetspeak like "an4l" or "ana1".

You can even extend the triggerword list at the top of the main.lua file if you wish so.


Analyst features three reporting modes:

1. Off (Won't report anything)

2. Confirm (Prints clickable links in the chat to report a player)

3. Auto (Automatically reports every anal spammer it can find)


Yeah pretty simple, right? Here are some fun slash commands for you to use:

/analyst set log <on / off> -> Should analyst print logs in the chat?
/analyst set notify <on / off> -> Should analyst whisper "reported…" to every anal spammer it reports?
/analyst off -> Sets the report mode to "off". It won't report anyone.
/analyst ask -> Sets the report mode to "confirm". You have to click on a chat link in order to report someone.
/analyst auto -> Sets the report mode to "full auto". It will report every anal spam it can find WITHOUT asking you.
/analyst help -> Displays this message.



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