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Game Version: 7.2.5
Total Downloads: 459
Updated: Aug 3, 2017
Created: Aug 3, 2017
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Auto Objective (Frame) Hider will help you in you instances by removing the big chunky objective tracker automatically when you enter an instance, and auto enable it once you exit the instance, so you will never again need to worry to hide it manually again! You will also have the ability to show/hide this frame at any time with a simple command!



This addon is mostly automatic, so basically once you enter an instance you, the Objective Tracker frame will automatically hide, once you exit the instance the frame will be restored.

You will be able to configure in what kind of instances the frame will be hidden from the config (Can be accessed via the command /aoh config or via the Interfaze->Addons->Auto Objective Hidder).

You can also manually show/hide the interface at any time, for example, show the frame in middle of an instance and then hide it again… etc etc



  • /aoh - Default command (Will show the other commands)
  • /aoh config – Will open the config interface.
  • /aoh show – Shows the Objective Tracker Frame if it is not already shown. (You cannot show it twice ;))
  • /aoh hide – Will hide the Objective Tracker Frame.


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