WoW Banshee begone ! addon Dragonflight/Wrath of the Lich King Classic 2024
wow addon Banshee begone !

Banshee begone !

Game Version: 7.2.0
Total Downloads: 291
Updated: May 17, 2017
Created: May 17, 2017
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Banshee STFU beta 9.41 KB May 17, 2017 7.2.0 291 download Banshee begone ! Banshee STFU betaDownload



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The new 7.2 Priest champion Aelthalyste is awesome!

She's a Banshee, she's heavily involved with the Cult of Forgotten Shadow which is a corrupted reinterpretation of the beliefs and traditions practiced by the Holy Light, and is the religion of the Forsaken. She is a badass and just the sort of friend I need on the Broken Isles.

Now, as a Shadow Priest, this is pretty damn cool and if you like to geek out to this stuff to any degree then you were probably really looking forward to getting her.

Unfortunately she's a devil of a prankster.

She likes to scream, randomly yell at you and nag, nag, NAG... all while seemingly charging into enemies, then just disappear and leave you to fend off the hordes of demons on your own.

Then she'll come back, yelling and screaming, possibly even louder than before.

If you look at the selfie i included below, you can see her sneaking in to scare the Yogg-Saron out of me while executing a perfect photo bomb.

Her deviousness knows no end!


Problematic Banshee is problematic


Let's face it, she's crafty, devious, a little evil and she's dead. Like the Honey Badger, she just don't care…

Some players think she is really buggy and that is what causes her to constantly disappear and come back and leave and comeback, making her spam messages all while yelling like a ….

She's a BANSHEE! This is 100% by design.

So we're going to silence her!  Yup!

Banshee STFU will help you fully silence her audio spam from all messages or will let you selectively choose which to allow. I'm not sure about her text chat box spam atm


TL/DR: This addon/mod will silence your champion who currently spams text and audio to the point where she's unuseable. ( she does not actually charge into random NPCs ) :p

The first iteration of this mod is a tiny 10KB .zip file with instructions on where to unzip it. The files inside will override her audio files and effectively silence her. In the future, i would like to have an interface allowing you to selectively enable/disable each of the 42 files involved, allowing you to more easily keep a few active for immersion/flavor/fun instead of manually doing so (as per instructions included). I'm not sure if I can anti-spam her text yet, but I will be looking into that.


Installation instructions:

*ensure WoW game is fully exited

1- Download the file

2- move it into the World of Warcraft installation directory (no deeper) and unzip it.

(other folders you will notice here are: Cache, data, Errors, Interface, Logs… and more!  this .zip file will just make a new folder called Sounds with some folders and files inside)

3- Profit!

(Inc more details here about the sound files and calls etc) AND files uploaded within a couple of days at most.


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