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BeanCounter Export

Game Version: 6.2.2
Total Downloads: 14,483
Updated: Sep 2, 2015
Created: Apr 26, 2010
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
Bean Counter 1.4.4 release 52.09 KB Sep 2, 2015 6.2.2 2,701 download BeanCounter Export Bean Counter 1.4.4 releaseDownload
Bean Counter 1.4.3 release 41.09 KB Mar 18, 2015 6.1.0 309 download BeanCounter Export Bean Counter 1.4.3 releaseDownload
BeanCounter v1.4.2 release 41.08 KB Feb 5, 2014 6.0.3 518 download BeanCounter Export BeanCounter v1.4.2 releaseDownload
BeanCounter v1.4.1 release 55.12 KB Nov 10, 2010 4.0.6 3,115 download BeanCounter Export BeanCounter v1.4.1 releaseDownload
BeanCounter v1.3.1 release 55.10 KB Oct 2, 2010 3.3.5 4,388 download BeanCounter Export BeanCounter v1.3.1 releaseDownload
BeanCounter v1.3 release 55.44 KB Sep 7, 2010 3.3.5 916 download BeanCounter Export BeanCounter v1.3 releaseDownload
BeanCounter v1.2 release 45.69 KB Sep 6, 2010 3.3.5 412 download BeanCounter Export BeanCounter v1.2 releaseDownload
BeanCounter v1.1 release 52.42 KB Aug 6, 2010 3.3.5 727 download BeanCounter Export BeanCounter v1.1 releaseDownload
BeanCounter v1.0 release 54.36 KB Aug 4, 2010 3.3.5 320 download BeanCounter Export BeanCounter v1.0 releaseDownload
BeanCounter v0.05 beta 54.19 KB Aug 3, 2010 3.3.5 227 download BeanCounter Export BeanCounter v0.05 betaDownload
BeanCounter v0.04 beta 54.10 KB Jul 13, 2010 3.3.5 144 download BeanCounter Export BeanCounter v0.04 betaDownload
BeanCounter v0.03 beta 53.48 KB May 25, 2010 3.3.3 185 download BeanCounter Export BeanCounter v0.03 betaDownload
BeanCounter v0.02 beta 45.18 KB Apr 29, 2010 3.3.3 167 download BeanCounter Export BeanCounter v0.02 betaDownload
BeanCounter.xlsm beta 40.32 KB Apr 26, 2010 3.3.3 354 download BeanCounter Export BeanCounter.xlsm betaDownload



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I was quite bored to not be able to extract information from the in-game BeanCounter addon from Auctioneer Suite. With some VBA and regular expressions I succeeded to gather what I needed.

This excel file requires Office 2007/2010 and macros to be allowed. Browse to your BeanCounter.lua and click Run button. (For versions 1.3 and lower: when the file opens hit Alt+F8 to run the macro named ReadFile…)

It will ask for your full path to your BeanCounter.lua (default c:\program files\World of warcraft\Wtf\xxxxxxx\bloodfeather\saved variables\beancounter.lua)
wait a few minutes, and you should have all the successful and failed auctions on two separate sheets.

I mainly created it for my personal usage, but if you want anything (and I have time for it) let me know!

If you want to share of your revenues from AH, you can donate here

NOTICE: I've just realized this works with Office 2010 as well

v1.4.1 Fixes:

  • Updated the parsing algorithm to work with latest BeanCounter data, my tests were OK, let me know if you have any problems.
  • Removed MS Dialog control class reference, which caused problems for some users.

v1.3.1 Fixes:

  • Increased the transaction limit from 100.000 to 500.000, since I hit it yesterday 🙂
  • Removed the Alt+F8 functionality, just click the Run button.

v1.3 Changes:

  • Changed the way the BeanCounter filename is entered, now one can either paste into a cell on the main sheet or click a button to browse to the file (which enters the path into the cell) Thanks to Akrostychon for his small filedialog code
  • Added a new optional selection which allows to disable new currency formatting if a user so desires (Again thanks to Akrostychon for the excek cell format)

v1.2 Fixes:

  • Changed the code a bit, so it works regardless where the itemids data block appears in the lua file…

v1.1 Changes:

  • Added 1 new sheet, called MyBids
  • Changed regular expressions a bit to make sure unicode characters are matched even if in character name (this time for real I hope!)

v1.0 Changes:

  • Added 3 toggle options to the main sheet, allowing some of the sheets to be ignored to gain speed
  • Added a simple toggle to the main sheet, when set to yes, it autofilters the sheets upon finishing file reading
  • Changed the reading code and reading speed increased around 3 times. Now it takes approx. 1 minute to read a 100000 transaction .lua (on a Core i7 920 machine)

For earlier changes, see the change log


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