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WoW AH Inspector

Game Version: 6.0.2 +2
Total Downloads: 364
Updated: Jul 7, 2014
Created: Jul 7, 2014
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What does this do?

Launcher.jar will save snapshots of the AH at set intervals of time for the realms you specify in csv format, ready to be loaded in your office program of choice (e.g. Excel).

You will need java to run this outside the game. You do not need an active subscription to run this tool. You do not need a battlenet account and will not be asked for any information about your account.

QtyByUnitPrice.jar loads the snapshots you already saved using launcher.jar and shows, for a specific item, at how many where offered at what price points over time (give it a try it's easier to understand if you look at it; but first get at least one snapshot).


In sync.csv you must specify which realms should be snapshotted and how often. You do this by writing the region (eu/us), the realm and the frequency, separated by commas. Frequency is the number of minutes you want to refresh at multiplied by 60000 (in fact it is the number of milliseconds between refreshes and a second has 1000 milliseconds). The realm names are supplied with the realm-list.csv file.


Do not query more frequently than at 30min or you may get temporarily banned from this service by Blizzard (not from the game, just from extracting data). There's a limit of a few thousand queries per day you can do. One snapshot counts as one query, but all the items we do not know the name for is another query to find out its name. The item names are cached so we don't have to ask each time and consume a daily query, but initially you will have a small cache (pre-configured with default package). As that cache grows you may snapshot the AH more frequently without exceeding your daily query limits.

How does this work? (Is it a hack?)

It works by using an API supplied by Blizzard which is ok/legal to use for free, with the limitations above. If you get banned from this service for using it too much, the ban takes a few hours/days and will not affect your ability to play the game.To run this you will need JAVA. First double click launcher.jar. If nothing happens, go watch how to setup java on youtube


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