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Game Version: 1.13.2
Total Downloads: 1,677
Updated: Nov 11, 2019
Created: Oct 5, 2019
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Classic Stats

I am uploading this addon in its current state to get the ball rolling for anyone who is interested in collecting server pop data. If you are interested in contributing please either message me or join the discord.


What is it?

Welcome to Classic Stats, an addon that attempts to capture and collate data for World of Warcraft Classic realms/servers.


Set up

Install the addon through your preferred method, there should be minimal set up required however you can change which events are listened to via the minimap button.


How does it work?

Due to api restrictions from Blizzard its not possible to simply ask each server for its character populations. Therefore to be able to create to estimates data needs to be captured in an imaginative method. ClassicStats uses several 'Events' to capture data from,


The data captured includes, GUID, Class, Race, Realm and where possible Level (level information isn't available through CHAT_MSG_CHANNEL).


The addon will work best when multiple users share data as a single user will only see as much information as your in game character is exposed to, this will be limited by factors such as online game time, realm selection, faction selection and time played.

To get more accurate information the data from multiple addon users should be combined, for this there is a discord server where the addons saved variables (a single lua table) can be uploaded allowing users to combine as much data as possible.




Python App

A small app written in python is available to merge data from shared files into the local addon saved variables file, there is also the option to create a .csv file for use in spreadsheets.


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